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Thread: Earring with +6 INT Bonus, +1 CON Bonus, +3 Physical Fitness Ranks

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    Default Earring with +6 INT Bonus, +1 CON Bonus, +3 Physical Fitness Ranks

    Auctioning off the following crumbly earring with +6 INT Bonus (equivalent to +12 Stat!) and other goodies. Will go once, twice, thrice and sold. Pickup in WL/IMT/FWI please, or I can ship it to you if you provide a character name over PM and pay the shipping expenses.

    A glyph-etched red sunstone earring

    A glyph-etched red sunstone earring: Weight: under a pound, Value: 550,000, Purpose: jewelry, Enhancive bonus: 1 to Constitution Bonus (Level 4 required), Enhancive bonus: 6 to Intuition Bonus (Level 49 required), Enhancive bonus: 3 to Physical Fitness Ranks (Level 14 required), Charges remaining: a lot of charges (15-24), Crumbly on enhancive: Yes.

    MB: 500k CB: 2mil, gilchristr SOLD!
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    Morning update

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    Last call. This will be sold tomorrow if there are no further bids.

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    I accepted free spells during an "automated third party promotion" from "the responsible party," but I only did it once, and I didn't hunt until after they wore off

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    Updated, now going twice at 2mil

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    Last call!

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    Sold. Will PM to coordinate pickup.

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