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    Default Bunch of Capped

    Dark Elf Sorc, with 9.6m XP Perfect Stats. OSA Ships Man o War, Frigate, Carrack, and Sloop. Also has a fully attuned Nervestaff MB $800

    Bard Half Elf, 81, GONE

    Half Elf Wizard 9.1m has brig, sloop. 7x T3 Sigil T3 Dispel, T5 Ensorcell account bound, 2x 400XP brooch MB $600

    Giant Paladin 9.6m Gone

    Giant Warrior 7.8m Gone

    Half Elf Monk 11.4m Gone

    Human Empath 10.4m account bound 6x T5 Mana staff MB $400

    Half Elf Ranger 8m Gone

    All have perfect stats
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    Bard Gone

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    Paladin Gone

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    Price Drops

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    Price Drops

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