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Thread: 7x t5 ensorcell fully unlocked animalistic shield

  1. Default 7x t5 ensorcell fully unlocked animalistic shield

    It imparts a bonus of +35 more than usual.
    It appears to weigh about 3 pounds.
    It is estimated to be worth about 2,900,000 silvers.
    It is predominantly crafted of vultite.
    It has been ensorcelled 5 times.
    It may be enchanted up to a bonus of 35 by a wizard and was last enchanted by Mahree.
    It is an intricate project (571 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.
    It has some unknown (scripted) benefit.
    It has a permanently unlocked loresong by Nahlver.

    You analyze your bone-spiked shield and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
    ---- Animalistic Spirit Shields ----
    =General Script Information=
    This is a shield with the spirit of an animal trapped within it.
    The spirit is wild and must be tamed by unleashing it against like-level foes, or successfully blocking against them during combat.
    If not fully tame, the spirit within can backlash upon the owner.
    Allegiance can be changed, but the new owner must work off the trust gained by the previous owner.
    When striking, there is a chance the spirit will unleash Animalistic Fury flares.
    =Alteration Guidelines=
    * Alterations to the 15/15/15, long and show of this shield are fine.
    * Some merchants can change the spirit color, spirit call, spirit group, or how the spirit looks.
    NOTE: You cannot change the general type of animal, such as changing a large feline to be a canine, except using certificates.
    As well, each spirit type only has certain pre-approved nouns allowed.
    * Animalistic Fury Flares (Tier 4 of 4)
    The spirit within lashes out with a stampede. (Damage Type: Grapple)
    Flares are currently: ON [RUB to toggle]
    * Revenge Flares = Unlocked
    On a successful block, there is a chance to unleash Animalistic Fury flares. You must be in a forward or greater stance and be an active combatant in combat for the spirit to react.
    NOTE: Power of this ability is tied to the Flare tier.
    * Wild Backlash = Unlocked
    When Animalistic Fury flares hit, the spirit within lashes out with its untamed anger, causing a momentary reduction in the target's DS and TD.
    NOTE: Power of this ability is tied to the Flare tier.
    * Savage Power = Unlocked (Tier 5 of 5)
    Once an hour, draw on the power of the spirit within your weapon for an increase in AS, CS and critical padding by CLENCHing the shield.
    * Flavor Actions (Tier 3 of 3)
    At this tier, this shield captures the following:WEAR, REMOVE, RUB (Flares On/Off), WHISTLE, TURN (targeted/untargeted), RAISE, POINT (targeted/untargeted), CLEAN, PRAY, BOW (targeted/untargeted), EXHALE, WAVE (targeted/untargeted).
    * Tameness/Affinity
    Tame the spirit to prevent it enacting its rage upon you.
    Only one person can have allegiance to this shield's spirit at a time.
    The feeling of this spirit toward you is tame (Level 12 of 12).
    NOTE: To fully tame this shield, you must damage like-level creatures with it or block like-level foe's incoming attacks while in combat.
    =Current Settings=
    * Spirit: pangolin (Type: Armored)
    Available nouns for this type are: armadillo, pangolin, hedgehog, porcupine, echidna.
    * Spirit Descriptor: stocky
    * Spirit Color: ephemeral black
    * Spirit Call: hoot
    * Spirit Group: mob

    You can tell that the shield is as light as it can get.

    150 millions

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