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Thread: New Hunting Ground for L60 range(estimated)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymore246 View Post
    Depends on where you hunt. For the most part, Spellburst ruins the ability to wear spells period until a fair bit into postcap as the system is super bias against Squares. You are correct about needing spells to hunt and contrary to Discord claims, Squares need spells to offset their low TD since they have almost no way to deal with it on their own. Combat Focus? Oh boy, +10 TD! Now I can be warded for +176 instead of +186! Meanwhile, it is completely possible to die from a +101 roll either directly or by putting you in a bad spot you can't recover from. GS4 deaths are fast after all. Rogue-wise, hiding can prevent casting but if a mob with an AoE spell manages to prep it for any reason, the spell will be open cast, pull you out of hiding from when you fail warding roll and you die. Had it happen plenty of times with Triton Radicals. The whole nonsense with "TD iS yOuR wEaKnEsS!" is BS as far as I am concerned. At very least, I have no sympathy for Pures complaining about maneuver rolls killing them. Welcome to the club! But to be honest both are bad systems since you can't realistically mitigate without a lot of postcap training or outside help if at all.
    I actually wanted to comment on this too.

    Honestly, the whole "squares are more tanky" thing is mostly a load of BS in most cases, and the reality is that most non-squares have a much easier time not getting hit. Wizards are one of the tankiest classes in the game, if not THE tankiest class (520, 530, 535, 540, 550, 414, 430. Seriously, it's almost ridiculous.), and even reduce maneuver damage more than someone in full plate. Few maneuvers are actually deadly, and it usually comes down to raw DS/TD for your survival. There's exceptions, but I find most of those things can be overcome with resists, warrior fittings, and/or crit padding. So yeah, SMR is a pretty lame ass weakness, and they got a huge gift basket handed to them with the SMR changes making them able to dodge them WAY better than before.

    Sure, as a spell casting rogue with 100 spell ranks and plate armor, you can be incredibly tanky, especially coupled with hiding. But another class with equal XP is not likely dying much either. The reality is as Methais put it - a lot of the HW stuff is just going to wreck you no matter what your defense is, so it's mostly about disabling them or killing them first.

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    What is spell server. It sounds like some BS shit... I might have to forget about the forgotten vinyard
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    I accepted free spells during an "automated third party promotion" from "the responsible party," but I only did it once, and I didn't hunt until after they wore off

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    You can only wear spells you know + 2 you don't. Since most squares don't know any spells, they can only wear the 2.

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