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Thread: New Hunting Ground for L60 range(estimated)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Since spells are easier to come by these days that spell sever is needed.

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    Cool it will be a rich area for people that don't get every spell in the game to hunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    I'm just gonna laugh as soon as the first "this item ignores spell sever!" comes out.

    Just completely make a jackass out of all of the GMs now screeching about balance and shit.
    Infinite pinworn items that each add +1 to spells you can hold without getting wrecked by spell sever. Only $5000 each. Buy 10 for a discounted rate of only $45000 and enjoy spell tanking again!
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    The GMs are engaging in mass gaslighting with this shit and many players go along with it for some reason.

    GMs: Here's the invoker!
    Players: YAY!
    GMs: Okay now that spells are so easy to get we need to nerf shit.
    Players: Makes total sense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Estild said on Discord that since spells are easier to come by these days that spell sever is needed. Dude, YOU are the one who pushed the Invoker, and now you are complaining that spells are too easy to get?

    ItÂ’s almost like they pushed the invoker just as an excuse to nerf everything.
    I thought the same thing. But there is no arguing with them on it.

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    I would rather not have the invoker and go back to just having dreavenings. Screw estlid and his spell severe and divergence. he needs to be fired

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonoftheNorth View Post
    Cool it will be a rich area for people that don't get every spell in the game to hunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobius1 View Post
    Is it just that warriors/rogues are so used to being the worst they don't mind being nerfed?
    You remember the old saying "The bigger the are, the harder they fall?" Warriors/Rogues are so small that falling does very little to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mobius1 View Post
    Like seriously, IMO for most rogues/warriors this is probably a bigger nerf than most of the divergence nerfs for wizards/bards! You have to hunt with significantly less DS/TD because of it.
    Depends on where you hunt. For the most part, Spellburst ruins the ability to wear spells period until a fair bit into postcap as the system is super bias against Squares. You are correct about needing spells to hunt and contrary to Discord claims, Squares need spells to offset their low TD since they have almost no way to deal with it on their own. Combat Focus? Oh boy, +10 TD! Now I can be warded for +176 instead of +186! Meanwhile, it is completely possible to die from a +101 roll either directly or by putting you in a bad spot you can't recover from. GS4 deaths are fast after all. Rogue-wise, hiding can prevent casting but if a mob with an AoE spell manages to prep it for any reason, the spell will be open cast, pull you out of hiding from when you fail warding roll and you die. Had it happen plenty of times with Triton Radicals. The whole nonsense with "TD iS yOuR wEaKnEsS!" is BS as far as I am concerned. At very least, I have no sympathy for Pures complaining about maneuver rolls killing them. Welcome to the club! But to be honest both are bad systems since you can't realistically mitigate without a lot of postcap training or outside help if at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mobius1 View Post
    And I've proposed a compromise several times, to allow you to wear spells based on MIU/AS/HP/etc, like old spellburst, but only from your own class' spell circles (Like a rift + spellburst + spell sever hybrid). But apparently squares on Discord don't want this as an option and would prefer to simply just be nerfed.

    Oh, and let's not forget that Spell Sever makes AS/MIU even less valuable skills.

    Some people have even claimed that Spell Sever is BETTER for a non-spell trained character, as you get two free spells. Lulz
    At very least, having the spells striped instead of exploding is better. I like not dying because I miscounted what I can wear. I think for a lot of Squares, their MIU/AS/HP training is so poor that 2 free spells are a net gain because they would need so many ranks in those skills that wearing 107 and 414 is just not reasonable. I do agree with you that Spell Sever should be more forgiving to Squares but the past formula for Spellburst is bad since it favors Pures too much. I don't think most Pures even notice Spellburst. Meanwhile, Squares can barely wear anything at all with out A LOT of outside training. I found better success just learning my own spells as a Rogue. Can't burst them if I know it! (taps head)

    In my opinion Spell Sever should either:
    1. Have a variable amount of free spells per hunting area. This level 60 area could have 5 or 10 free spells instead of just 2. Let the number decrease as you climb in levels to increase the difficulty of hunting areas.
    2. Let spells below a certain level be immune to Spell Sever. Like anything below level 5. So 1204, 101, 503, etc are free to use without being striped and you still get 2 free spells for something else.
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    Well, I do understand the reasoning behind requiring some skills to wear the spells. The argument is that other classes technically did spend training points to learn those spells. The reality, though, in most of those cases they are learning those spells anyways, in order to get the offensive spells they need to kill.

    Even so, MIU/AS/HP is not a huge price to pay, considering we generally have MTPs to spare, and spells in our circles count as half mana.

    Whatever the case, I'll take it over how Spell Sever is now! I don't get why they would want to encourage squares to either go KS or learn spells. is there anything wrong with doing either of those? No, I learned spells, myself! But is that the direction they want to encourage squares to go? THAT is my problem. It limits the builds our classes can have.

    Yeah yeah Mr. "I hunt HW with no spells and do fine." That's nice, but that doesn't prove a damn thing. Classes that typically learn spells could do the same thing, and could probably do it better than you can. But in what world is being able to succeed at something have anything to do with balance or fairness? You're still going to die a lot more easily than someone that has spells on.

    Where it also throws it out of whack for me, is when you have a warrior or rogue with spells, like me for example. It's not a class balance thing, when I can learn the spells and overcome the BS mechanic. It's simply an XP gate (at least in capped areas). Or a shoe horn you into KS gate, which has tons of negative consequences outside of not being able to wear buffs.

    Stuff like this absolutely baffles me how so many agree with it, and argue against me when I bring it up on Discord. Here they are trying to balance the classes, and this is 1 step forward 2 steps back for many warriors and rogues. I wonder if part of the problem is that the most vocal people on Discord are either already KS or have learned spells, and so they don't really care. Or they make some silly argument like "Just learn a few spells." Ok, the moment you tell me a warrior or rogue SHOULD learn spells, I will give you the middle finger. Sure, it's a choice - a choice we shouldn't be forced into (especially when Spell Sever is in non-ascension hunting grounds.).

    It's also a typical case of Gemstone being bi-polar. Here, let's give you invoker, but then make it useless. Let's give you martial mastery, but then encourage you to learn spells so you can buff yourself.

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