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Thread: Price Check on the existence of UAC wizards

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    Default Price Check on the existence of UAC wizards

    I have a paladin/wizard pair. Wizard is an HK and I am curious if would/could be viable to hunt with UAC on the wizard. My pally cleans up pretty regularly so my wiz is mostly disabling and spitting out a 903 incantation or 917 when I really want to melt shit. If I enchanted up to 7x in UAC gear and with paired with a paladin would I find success on the wizard to hunt up to cap or is this something that will fizzle out? Not sure if it matters but they follow the same deity and I run 1618
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    My thought, if you want to try it, give it a try. Doesn't hurt to experiment. Worst case scenario, you fixskill out of it.

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    Test is great to try stuff like this
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