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Thread: 50 item Clearance Sale Mostly Fluff Cheap Stuff - TY for looking! All MB 1 Silver

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    Post 50 item Clearance Sale Mostly Fluff Cheap Stuff - TY for looking! All MB 1 Silver

    Hello everyone. I have a backpack full of stuff that's going to go into a black void unless you want something. All items MB 1 silver.

    Auction ends: Monday 5/9/2022 - 9 PM EST

    Update 5-10-22 - This auction has ended. I apologize, no additional bids can be accepted after the cutoff time. Thank you for your interest!

    Current Bids:

    1B - 1 Silver Grymli
    1C - 1 Silver Lunie
    1D - 10k Rar
    1F - 100k Dwi
    1J - 1 Silver Grymli

    2C - 1k boku
    2E - 5500 Lunie

    3A - 1 Silver Casinoe
    3C - 10k zhagen
    3E - 1k boku

    4A - 15k Casinoe
    4B - 15k Casinoe
    4C - 10k faiyth
    4D - 15k Casinoe
    4E - 15k Casinoe
    4F - 15k Casinoe
    4G - 15k Casinoe
    4H - 250k zhagen

    5A - 60k - onurb
    5C - 1k boku
    5E - 1 Silver Casinoe
    5F - 1 Silver Casinoe
    5N - 4 Million Middian

    6B - 10k faiyth
    6C - 10k faiyth
    6D - 15k Casinoe

    7B - 1k boku


    Misc Fluff & TOYS:

    1A - a threadbare green toy dwarf - MB 1 silver

    1B - a pair of carved fel dice. TOSS - two numbers land. They roll around for a moment before coming to a stop. 6! 1! - MB 1 silver

    1C - linen-winged golden dragon toy & a ruby-eyed oak dragon toy - Two toys from the Delirium Toys Series - Verbs: Clench, Hug, Tap and Tickle! - - No clue on value. Sold as a set. MB 1 silver

    1D - a small gold sleigh bell. Holiday preparations! TAP, RING/SHAKE, PET, TURN. Neck Worn. If you try to kiss it - I'm sure a small gold sleigh bell on a green velvet cord returns the sentiment. Good grief. - MB 1 silver

    1E - a menancing storm grey toy shark - HUG makes the eyes bulge out alarmingly! - MB 1 silver

    1F - a mechanical toy monkey. This is a "Mech Toy". They were first released for Dhu Gillywack 2001. Says not to drop it? This toy is number 4 of 9 in this particular set. PUSH makes it do stuff. TURN works. If you PEER at it, you'll see unique ASCII art and the word Glearnim. MB 1 silver

    1G - a cuddly snow white toy bear. Bulge eyes via HUG. MB 1 silver

    1H - a wooly mechanical rolton - TURN to activate. I think it was a dig prize. MB 1 silver

    1I - a wasp finger puppet. You wear it, then TURN and TILT until everyone knows you're crazy as a loon. MB 1 silver

    1J - a tiny mechanical kitten. TURN verb. Dig prize. MB 1 Silver

    1K - a red-haired purloiner doll. You can give it a warm HUG. MB 1 silver


    2A - a smoke-wisp-etched bottle - Hair quirk change. Temporarily. 10 doses. Permify at EG. "wreathed by rising tendrils of pale grey smoke." - Now you can display your inability to cook or cast fire spells effectively! MB 1 silver

    2B - a bottle of cigar smoke oil. Now you can smell like your grandpa. 10 Doses. Jara has the heady, damp scent of cigar smoke wreathing him, coupled with the complex muskiness of unburnt tobacco. MB 1 silver

    2C - a bottle of coffee oil. Jara has the bitter aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingering about him. 10 dose - MB 1 silver

    2D - a smoke wisp-etched bottle - change your hair quirks to wreathed by rising tendrils of pale grey smoke. 10 Doses MB 1 silver

    2E - a bottle of strawberry perfume - Jara has the warm scent of vanilla swirling about him, accented by the fresh, crisp touch of strawberries to create the lush fragrance clinging to his skin. - 10 doses - MB 1 silver

    Misc Jewelry & Magic Items:

    3A - a Cabochon Crystal. It has 4 charges of the Bless Spell. It says persist but I'm skeptical. MB 1 silver"

    3B - a malachite-set gold earring. 63k merchant. Rechargeable. Holy item. Tap to cast spell. 17 charges of Mantle of Faith from Paladin Circle. It can hold 858 more. +4 Max Health (level 7) +3 Logic Base (level 4) - currently out of charges, but it is double persist. MB 1 silver

    3C - Morphing Nexus Jewelry - dainty gold bracelet - Prod > brushed gold wristcuff - Flip > Heavy gold band - Prod > Polished gold ring. - OTS. Holds nexus and normal gems similar to Joola items. Merchant 100k. Cleric Verbs - Tap, Wave. Additional Verbs Rub, Prod, Push, Pull, Flip. Unlock status: Off the Shelf. MB 1 silver

    3D - a coral and pink topaz talisman. This is a mage rechargeable item. It casts spell 307 Benediction (+AS Group Spell) and has 15 charges. It can be charged for an additional 222 charges. This is Crumbly! MB 1 silver

    3E - a golden topaz inset silver buckle 13 charges Arcane Decoy. +7 Con Base (level 28), +3 Harness Power Ranks (level 20), +5 Max Mana (level 15), +1 Armor Ranks (level 6). quite a few charges persist spell, crumble enhancive MB 1 silver

    Spell Preps & Customs:

    4A - a wrinkled taupe palimpsest - This is a prep phrase token. Third Person: With an indolent gesture, Jara languidly traces a rune in the air. - Details here - - No restrictions. - Merchant 250k. MB 1 silver

    4B - a slip of antique yellow paper. This is a spell prep phrase for spell 409 ONLY. You feel cold air chill your lips and everyone elses sees them turn blue. Frost mage elemental blast. Details here - MB 1 silver

    4C - a slip of antique yellow paper. This is a spell prep phrase for spell 409 ONLY. You feel cold air chill your lips and everyone elses sees them turn blue. Frost mage elemental blast. Details here - MB 1 silver

    4D - an azure feather-etched token. This is a custom 111 Fire Spirit item. You can only have 1 and a new one overwrites the previous. Firework Description: a shower of brilliant azure feathers - MB 1 silver

    4E - a greasy prayerbook page - - Cleric Base spell prep. "Prep Phrases" Groveling and wheedling, Jara murmurs a cajoling prayer, focusing on [Spell Name]... - MB 1 silver

    4F - a snowflake obsidian epitaph. This gives you custom messaging for 350 Miracle as a cleric. See here - - I want to say Lorminstra messaging but don't quote me. MB 1 silver

    4G - a piece of oily species. This is a custom messaging item for cleric spell 308. Sensation: you are filled with a deep-seated sense of unease that causes your skin to crawl. - Now that's spooky! MB 1 silver

    4H - a pale silver vellum. This will add Ghezresh Custom Flare Messaging to weapon/armor/runestaff. Design: a spine-maned dragon eel - The weapon or armor needs to have Vacuum flares on it to work. RAISE will activate. MB 1 silver

    Weapons & Armor:

    5A - A set of two daggers. A matte black serpent-engraved forked dagger. (2) - Merchant 80k. Less than 1 pound. Vultite (4x) - Void Flaring. 136 difficulty. MB 1 silver

    5B - A set of two troll-claws. a jagged-edged vultite troll-claw (2) - Merchant 32k. 2 Pounds. Vultite 4x. 36 difficulty. - Blessable brawling weapon. Mstrike for days dual wielding. Perfect for the Wolverine in you. MB 1 silver

    5C - an elegant orase runestaff. 4x disruption flares - MB 1 silver

    5D - a sturdy fireleaf runestaff. +22 - MB 1 silver

    5E - a scarlet ora falchion with a carved vine hilt. 36 difficulty. Unlocked once already. 4x. Edged. - You can PUT a dagger inside, and GET it out. More verbs: TILT, TOUCH PUSH, PULL, BOW, POINT. See messaging here - - MB 1 silver

    5F - a polished ruic composite bow carved with scrollwork - 3 pounds. 96 difficulty. - 4x enchant. PINCH and PLUCK are available. a scripted bow. Normal alteration rules apply. The bow is not unlocked. - MB 1 silver

    5G - a scratched vultite helm. 10 difficulty. +3 Elemental mana Control Ranks (level 12) - Huge number of charges. MB 1 silver

    5H - a banded kakore runestaff. 42 difficulty 2 pounds. 2x. +2 spell aim level 6, +4 Sorcerous lore Necromancy Level 34. More than average charges. Persist. MB 1 silver

    5I - a thick mithril helm. 2 pounds. 5 difficulty. +1 mana recovery, level 2 - innumerable charges. Temp modification 16% frigid attack resist. Item will lose resist after incredible uses. MB 1 silver

    5J - a dark purple orase runestaff - 4 pounds, 36 difficulty. 4x. MB 1 silver

    5K - a birch-hafted ora war mattock. 8 pounds, 121 difficulty. 2x. Two handed. +6 harness power ranks level 42, +5 mental mana control ranks level 30, +1 con bonus level 2. Lot of charges. persist. MB 1 silver

    5L - an invar-tipped ora military pick. 115 difficulty, 6 pounds 2x, two handed. +9 max mana level 27 lot of charges. MB 1 silver

    5M - some vultite leg greaves - 3 pounds, 7 difficulty. 14% temp resist to puncture. Incredible uses. When item runs out of charges, will lose ability. MB 1 silver

    5N - Some polished vultite arm greaves. 28 difficulty. +16 perception bonus level 55, +11 influence base level 27, +6 thrown weapon bonus level 13. MB 1 silver

    Clothing & Containerss:

    6A - a pumpkin-stitched bright orange backpack. Merchant would sell for 25k. 9 pounds. significant amount (100-119 lbs) MB 1 silver

    6B - some silver viper skin slippers lofted on thick gold heels. These are dancing shoes. Fancy WEAR, REMOVE, TAP or TURN. Not fully unlocked yet. MB 1 silver

    6C - some supple leather sandals raised on cork heels - These are tier 1 "Tall Shoes" that work with or without "Shoe Sticks". VERBS: Wear, Remove, Tilt, Rub. MB 1 silver

    6D - a feathered gold boa adorned with silver star charms - Fancy Wear, Remove and Wave. MB 1 silver

    6E - a midnight blue wolf skin bodice. Stores 5-7 pounds, space 2 items. Pin worn. MB 1 silver


    7A - a gold-accented ebonwood mandolin - Average quality musical instrument. MB 1 silver

    7B - some moth-eaten bagpipes. - Average quality musical instrument. - RUB will clean the slime off the reed and EXHALE will fill the air with moldy stink. Can also be played as bagpipes, hurrah! MB 1 silver
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    You see Grand Lord Jara the Master Healer.

    Quote: "If you are moving forward, not backward, you're progressing the adventure. - Jara"

    You cant quite seem to summon the hand dexterity needed to accomplish that while underwater.

    You roar at the Lord Kai, who gives a small start.
    The Lord Kai is tiny in size.
    The Kai is too easy for the likes of you!

    Discord: GSIV-Jara#9155

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    5N - 1 million silver

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    MB on 1b and 1j

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    MB 5a

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    1.1 5n greaves

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    5n. 2m

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    3c -10k, 4h -10k

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    100k on 4H

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    2.2 5n

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    5n. 3m

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