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Thread: Uploaded ;ocean-go2 for all of your OSA traveling needs!

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    Uploaded new version.

    Version 4: Should now work with the new ocean expansion, allowing you to travel to the Ta'Vaalor port. NOTE: Since rooms in both the original "OSA Map" and "The Eastern Seaboard" use the exact same numbers, this script starts rooms in "The Eastern Seaboard" at 1000. For example room 191 in "The Eastern Seaboard" is room 1191 in this script. Just remember to add a 1 to the beginning of any room number.

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    Uploaded new versions:

    Version 5: Fixed the map information for room 1297.
    Version 6: Apparently there is a floating flotilla that acts as a moving port and the map in the Captain's Quarters will change to show the flotilla if it is within range. This was interferring with the script being able to tell which room you are in. This has been fixed and the script should be able to tell your current room number whether the flotilla is within range or not.
    Version 6: Added the Icemule Trace port to the script, so now if you want to sail to this port you can do: ;ocean go2 ice

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