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Thread: Uploaded ;dirty-deeds for all of your deed getting needs!

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    If someone wants to give me 50 or so RR gems I can maybe, possibly, someday, update this script to work in RR.

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    How can this script possibly get any better??!?!?! This is how!!!!!!

    Lots of new features and changes!
    All of your Landing stats will be reset. Please don't hurt me!
    Script now works in River's Rest using River's Rest gems.
    Script no longer uses command line variables when starting the script, instead there is now a setup menu where all of your options are saved.
    There are still command line variables to use for certain features. Be sure to do ;dirty-deeds help to see all of the settings and options.
    ;dirty-deeds reset has been changed to ;dirty-deeds reset stats
    New option: ;dirty-deeds reset formula - This makes the script go back to using the accepted formula in all towns.
    New option: You can now set the minimum silver value to use to get a deed. Example: ;dirty-deeds setto 10000 would use 10000 silvers as the minimum to get a deed.
    New option in setup menu: You can choose how many silvers you want to increase the minimum silvers needed whenever you fail to get a deed.
    New option in setup menu: You can choose what multiplier you want to use in each town. For example you can tell the script to use 2.6 times the value of gems in Landing and 3.1 times the value of wands and lockpicks in Icemule.
    Script no longer automatically starts running around and getting you deeds when you start the script. Instead the script tells you all of your stats and various settings and then gives you a menu of options of which town you want to get a deed in.

    Main takeaways: Script now works in River's Rest! Did away with all of the command lines because all of the various options I added to the script made the command line variables too clunky, so now you all get a setup menu, and I know everyone loves setup menus!

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