The EoL team is happy to announce the next version of Lich 5.4.0 with some exciting new features.

Simu Room IDs (formally called 'unique ID' or 'uid' for Lich) added to Map, mapDB where known, and ;go2 for navigation (courtesy Xanlin and with our thanks!) ;go2 u7120 for all you ex-GMs out there.
Room titles will now display the Lich ID and / or the UID for the room based on user selections - default is on for both, and enabled / disabled via Lich.display_lichid or Lich.display_uid toggles that can be set to on / off or true / false. (;e Lich.display_lichid=true/false and ;e Lich.display_uid=true/false) You can remove that rnum from your autostart now! To gain the benefit of the UID deployment, be sure to ;repo download-mapdb

*REQUESTS: Drop 5 minute timeout function from Lich

*waitrt? and waitcastrt? will still pause activities, but will return TRUE or FALSE in keeping with the Ruby functionname? tradition (no more failing to get a weapon out due to RT from climbing!)

*empty_hands and fill_hands will now check to see if the character is in roundtime before trying to put away or retrieve held items

*Infomon received an update that keeps spell timers in sync with the information received from the server - no more need to immediately do a spell active in game to get the right times to display for various legacy scripts and ;magic after visiting the invoker or using an SK item

*Lich now provides a facility to get current coins on the character that is a bit more agnostic to data changes from Simu - Lich::Util.silver_count

*Various other small tidbits to help ease maintenance and future development

*This update is required for the newest Bigshot (released today!) and for future eloot and eherbs scripts (release RSN)

We highly encourage all users on Lich4 to update to lich5 and this general release is suitable for all users.
;lich5-update --update, wait until complete and then relaunch lich