Unless I'm managing my inventory wrong or I've set up something incorrectly, this doesn't seem like it should happen...

**The shimmering blue orb is an RPA orb that I marked as unsellable...

[sloot]>get #175560148
You remove a shimmering blue orb from in your leather cloak.
[sloot]>sell #175560148
You ask the dealer if he would like to buy a shimmering blue orb.
The gem dealer says, "That's not quite my field, Bob. I only deal in gems and jewelry."
[sloot]>put my orb in #175560190
Your orb won't fit in the leather harness.
[sloot]>drop #175560148
You drop a shimmering blue orb.
--- Lich: go2 active.
[go2: ETA: 0:00:03 (15 rooms to move through)]

I made it all the way to the pawnshop before I was able to kill the script and go back to gemshop and grab the orb.