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    With a sonic alteration raffle tomorrow I was hoping to have people share their current Sonic Shield, Sonic Weapon, Sonic Armor, or Singing Sword alterations to see what is expected since they want to do the alteration on the spot.


    Freedom... is the ability to challenge yourself far beyond the constraints of traditional rule and order. We draw strength from our passions... we're driven by desire... even hatred can be a worthy ally when used against an enemy... and yet, we are told to turn our backs on these things... the very feelings, emotions... that make us all... human.

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    You are holding a roiling heliotrope pavis bound in swirling black smoke pulsing with amaranthine motes of light in your left hand.

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    It's a shame this thread didn't take off. I think altered sonic items are some of the best looking alters in the game. They're not really bound by physicality allowing them to be a bit more adventurous.
    Obviously I am really into the shadow, black, smokey types of alters in this department but I never see them anymore. I'd love to see what people have.

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    Hey, I like sonic alters too. Here's my armor:

    an ethereal flower barrier ~ A brightly-colored collection of ethereal blooms dances through intermingled streams of air and mana that curve and whisk around each other, blending into a lovely panoply of color and motion. Each petal is from a different flower, though their individual details are hard to discern given the speed of their frenetic movement. The palette of colors in evidence manages to both clash and compliment, depending on the location of each in their constantly shifting presentation.

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