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    My bard is level 24, UAC. Since the main thing I want from Minor Elemental sphere is really just 425 and 430 and I get most everything else from invoker/Dreavening, and I'm not going to use sonic gear until much later, my plan was to get up to song of peace to give me the main bard buffs and peace helps with foraging, etc., then just hit minor elemental spells until I get up to 430. But 425 and 430 are mostly just going to help hit stuff, and I don't really have a problem with that now at all. So now I'm thinking it would be better just to reduce my MnE to 405 so I can keep elemental detection, then put everything spell wise back in to Bard to get to Tonis faster.

    Thoughts? As a UAC Bard, is it worth sticking with MnE to get ewave?

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    UAC bard = 35 ranks in Bard (maybe 40 since 1040 is amazing), then start MnE. What's the point of having 405? You can loresing items... Just get to 1035 by level 35, then switch to get to 430 by level 65 since the Invoker basically does all that you need. You won't miss the UAF at all.
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    Thanks. I've gotten up to 411. I have a fixskill. I don't plan on needing it for anything within the next 6 months. Should I just burn that to switch the 11 ranks of MnE over to Bard spell ranks? I've never done any skill migrating other than a fixskill, so not how quickly those spells would transfer over by level 35 and whether it's worth burning the fixskill to do it immediately. I'd gain song of mirrors immediately, which would be nice.

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    It'll take forever to move spell ranks around through regular migration, so yeah. You'll get a free one in a few months, and your enjoyment of your bard will skyrocket the earlier you get 1035. Especially now that mana is fairly easy to manage at the early levels. Voln helps the most maintain 1035 if you're struggling to keep it up for a full hunt, but w/ 35 ranks in HP @ level 35, you should have around 150 mana.

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    FYI for UAC sonic cestus is amazing -- This is mostly in reference to not using sonic gear for a while
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