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Thread: Wizard FE

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    Default Wizard FE

    I have some questions about the Wizard FE but I am not sure where to post it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onurb View Post
    I have some questions about the Wizard FE but I am not sure where to post it.
    Go ahead and ask here.

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    In the past, I had a bunch of different sound files in the "SIMU\WIZARD\Gemstone\Sounds" folder that I would use to notify me io things like an item dropping that I needed (highlighted text sometimes isn't enough). However I cant seem to get the sounds to work. On the Wizard FE I go to Configuration > Text Strings > Sounds, I click on new, I add my text string, I use the drop down to select the sound file I want, and I click apply. However when I press the play button to play a sample of the sound it does not work. Weirdest thing is, I can get it to work but only when I launch the game and the intro music is playing. It works during this time but when the intro music stops, my sound files no longer work. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    That's really weird. Have you tried disabling the intro music in options?

    I don't think that would do anything but maybe that's conflicting with the sounds somehow.

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    Oh I just saw an option in the options menu that says "Squelch Sounds." Maybe you have that ticked?

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    Nope, squelch is not ticket, I will try your first idea when I get home. thank you.

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    Default f

    For me, Default.colors and other stuff will only save highlighted strings, including those with a sound attachment if you have one character logged in using Wizard and then save the changes on that character and then finally log out with that character without loading up any other accounts. (As an aside, I am still using those from Worms 2 and Quenzar's Caverns )
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    What file format are you attempting to use? I believe it will only play with .wav format

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    I stumbled across the issue. I went into the sounds folder and started listening to my sound files, upon checking them half of them were corrupted. They had been in a zip file since 2008! I deleted the corrupted ones and left the good ones. The good ones do work in the Wizard FE. Thanks all for helping me.

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    I love it when a plan comes together.

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