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Thread: Finally finishing ;rogue

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    Good news, everybody! I uploaded a new version of ;rogues which now has all Subdue tasks so the script can now master you in Subdue!

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    Uploaded new version of ;rogues:
    Version 21: Fixed bug with script getting stuck doing sweep dirt tasks.
    Version 21: Script can now master the Sweep guild skill!
    Version 21: Script can now help other people with their partner tasks. Do ;rogues for more info. Currently script can only help people with their Sweep partner tasks.
    Version 21: Option to automatically use a Guild Profession boost in the setup menu. These boosts double the training points received for 30 minutes and don't stack with Guild Night. If option is set to "yes" the boost will be used right before turning in a task, as long as you don't already have a Guild Profession Boost active and Guild Night is currently not active.

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    Uploaded a new version of ;rogues
    Version 22: Fixed bug with script getting stuck if you already had a task for the skill you are training in when you started the script.
    Version 22: Script can now get you to at least rank 44 in Cheapshots.

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    Good news, everybody! ;rogues can now master cheap shots!

    Version 24: Script can now master the Cheap Shots guild skill!

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