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Thread: Anyone ever price out SUFFUSED energy?

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    Default Anyone ever price out SUFFUSED energy?

    Curious what folks might charge for it if it was needed to complete a cast.

    Sorcerers are kind of screwed when it comes to building it. Every 2,000 energy = 1 suffused. 50k = 25 points.

    Wizards are better, 400 energy = 1 suffused. 50k = 125 points.

    Warriors get it easy, 150 energy = 1 suffused. 50k = 333 points

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    I have just been charging what the extra points cost.

    So if I'm selling sorc energy at 50 silvers per point/2.5 mil per week, I would charge 100k silvers for every suffuse point required.

    Really though I could see people paying a premium if the amount of suffuse energy required is very high. Like using 50k points towards suffuse energy to complete a project is only 1 week's worth of energy, probably shouldn't expect more than the regular cost.

    However if someone wants a wizard to suffuse energy for 6 months in order to complete a very difficult piece then I would imagine the wizard should charge more for the suffuse energy than their standard cost because that is a long term investment and probably not many wizards are going to bother doing it.

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    I am in agreement just extrapolating the cost per unit to suffused energy.

    The price difference is at least somewhat correlated with the number of applications a given profession needs to provide on a given piece to max it out. The value of each ensorcell is far higher than the value of each WPS service because the requirements to max ensorcell are finite, and the WPS is not. Thus the cost for 1 suffused energy is far higher. Wizards land in the middle. I would guess clerics and monks would land somewhere in the middle. Cleric energy value is probably actually pretty similar to sorcerer's based solely on number of uses required to max out a given item. That's how I see it, though just because that makes sense doesn't mean SIMU will follow that logic...
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    They should taper the clerics down just because they can do a T6, or add a T6 to sorcs (that would be neat, Maybe a chance of a double flare!)

    I charge a premium for my Suffused energy. Considering I'm typically enchanting items that are 800-1200 difficulty that's the deal. Its painful to safe the energy and I'd like to be compensated for it accordingly.

    I think right now I have 1300 saved up on my two wizards and that takes a while....

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