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    From GM Ixix
    Presently on test.

    Interacting with a level 20+ undead creature that is effectively 10 or more levels higher than you will result in Sheer Fear. A level difference of 10-14 will result in minor fear and a 15+ level difference will result in a major fear.

    Your effective level calculation checks for Bravery (211) (+3), Heroism (215) (+3), Dauntless (1606) (+3), Symbol of Courage (+3), Sanctified armor (+1 per tier), a Sanctified shield (+1 per tier), a Sanctified runestaff (+Ĺ per tier, does not combine with a sanctified shield's bonus), a Lichbane talisman(+10/+20/immunity), Voln armor (+3 at tier 2, +6 at tier 4), and the Ghezyte chelioboros jewelry (+1 per tier) when determining the result. These modifiers are unchanged from the current implementation.

    Major fear will force you into a kneeling position (unless youíre already prone/sitting), and offensive stance. Both types of fear will result in 3-8 seconds of Stagger round time, and a 30 second Horrified effect.

    Major fear will result in a cycle of warding attempts every 12 seconds to fight off the fear - failure to do so will refresh the Horrified effect, force you back to your knees, and apply another set of Stagger round time.

    Your warding defense is modified by: your discipline stat ([Disc - 40] / 5), being a member of Voln (+⅓ per rank in Voln), having the Symbol of Courage active (+⅓ per rank in Voln), Self Control (613) (+5), Bravery (211) (+5), Heroism (215) (+10), Kaiís Triumph (1007) (+3), Song of Valor (1010) (+5), Dauntless (1606) (+10), and Warcry (+2). These modifiers are unchanged from the original implementation. New bonuses are given if the creature in question is disabled (+10) or if it is dead (again) or no longer present in the same room (+25).

    The Horrify effect is new, and will penalize your AS, DS, CS, TD, and SMR rolls. The AS/DS penalties are (creature level / 2.85), the CS/TD penalties are (creature level / 4.75), and the SMR penalty is (creature level / 4). Against a level 100 creature, this results in -35 AS/DS, -21 CS/TD, and a 25 SMR penalty.
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    Interesting change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Interesting change.
    On the backside that whole write up was probably the same PSM3 change to how pures defend from all SMR rolls. They're just applying it to Sheer Feer now.

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