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Thread: Least important stat for clerics?

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    Default Least important stat for clerics?

    For the longest time I think influence was pretty much the worst stat for all classes (other than for the classes which has influence as a prime stat), but now that influence helps with 330 I wonder what is the least important stat for clerics is now?

    Is it still influence? Sure helping with 330 is great but we're talking about a few bonus points here.

    I'm thinking discipline, does it really do much? Would having 80 discipline at cap instead of 100 really make that much of a difference? For clerics the only thing I see it really affecting very much is how much experience you can hold in your head, which again at cap we're talking about 980 experience instead of 1000, I can't see that being a huge deal.

    Or what about even constitution? This always seemed like one of those "gotta have!" stats, but other than affecting carrying capacity and giving a few extra points to health, does it really do all that much?

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    I doubt many people would do this but with my cleric I let aura be low. When I capped it was like 70 something. I never really had mana issues and I could still raise anyone without issue.

    Also do not sleep on the influence benefit for 340. Folks I think sleep on 340 as a whole but I had +INF gear just for charging my symbol. When I was getting like +27 CS for 4 casts it rocked in niche situations
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    I think this is a question where race may actually play a defining part in the answer, If I was a halfling cleric I think I would vote for INT because the only real thing is a little less smrv2 that i can think of.

    Unless you cant even tank INT by setting it low enough to start with.

    My cleric is a forest gnome though, and I'm not about to fixstat for 330 jazz, so I'm just moving my ascension points moving forward into INF till it's up to par.
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