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Thread: +43 DS +20 TD Tower Shield

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    Default +43 DS +20 TD Tower Shield

    Alright, Let's try again.

    a mirrored silvered tower shield adorned with blue diamonds
    It imparts a bonus of +43 more than usual.
    It protects against magical attacks with a bonus of 20.
    It appears to weigh about 4 pounds.
    It is an intricate project (596 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.

    This is unlocked to 9x, but needs two more casts to be there.

    MB: 150m Silvers / 150k BS. I don't care which.
    SOLD pending delivery
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    Nice Shield.
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    Too bad it's not a small shield...

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    Get it changed up to whatever you like at DR!

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    4lbs tower? what is the world coming to?

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    Lowered the MB

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    I'll do 150m on it

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