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Thread: Oh shit! What's a Latrinsorm to do when he finds out....

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    So, it was sloppy. Which was my original point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    "It's horse medicine" - Probably Latrinsorm.
    The paste shit people were making on a run on is. A lot of people that only watch a news story and don't delve deeper probably assumed that is the only type that exists and assumed it is all only for livestock, when that is not the case. A LOT of medication crosses species lines. MEdication for dogs to manage heartworms is the same stuff you use to help prevent malaria.

    They have a rating system with this site, with actual experts or noted people in the field having higher weight than others. This has a 9.1 so not bad I guess, but it is out of 8 total raters. I'd probably wait before I go "SEE! GOT YOU!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by dzulthu View Post
    So, it was sloppy. Which was my original point.
    It looks better then anything big pharms put out for peer review on their shots.

    Big pharms hide their raw data. Design the tests to benefit their outcome so things look favorable and pass along their favorable data to peer reviewers. No one sees the raw data. Why do you think bad drugs make it out of these big pharm companies? Adjust the data to look good, make money and after the drug is pulled and any fines (if any) are handed out, they still profit.

    Big pharms:
    Phase 1) withhold raw data and get the drug approved
    Phase 2) ????
    Phase 3) Profit!

    We need these types of tests ran with readily available drugs that help against similar viruses and people need to stop believing there's some magical shot to make you immune to covid and start focusing on preemptive ways to help prevent illness from it. Clearly the shots do not do this to an acceptable extent, especially against the delta and omicron variants. If well known medicines that aren't amongst the safest to use can help derail unnecessary sickness from covid, they should be looked at and not out rightly dismissed by companies and agencies that can't profit from them.

    Be na´ve or biased about it all you want. Sad part is, this stuff isn't tested properly by corporations that can't bank off of it and they've pushed so much bullshit and corruption out there to squelch anyone that tries to think otherwise. This has caused the ignorant and those that follow without question to be mislead. Until proven otherwise by a non-biased entity, you can't believe a single thing that's been said about ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or any other safe drug that may contribute to helping people to take responsible actions to try and prevent covid from making them sick.

    I know so many people that are "vaccinated" and boosted and still got covid. Why are we not trying to prevent it before it becomes a problem and people get sick? Right now the ignorant and followers are just simply taking shot after shot, that's not clearly working, and idly waiting for a magical shot to keep them protected.
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    The key phrase is "ivermectin or any other medication": I don't know anyone who claims that ivermectin negates the actual treatments of COVID such as dexamethasone, only that ivermectin does not add anything to them. And since there is no such thing as a "safe" drug, which is to say a drug that has literally no side effects, using ivermectin (or any other drug that doesn't help) will hurt to some degree. But let's go back to dexamethasone for a second - nobody disputes that dexamethasone treats COVID. As a steroid it has anti-inflammatory effects that have been documented for decades, and lifesaving effects against the specific inflammation caused by COVID that have been documented for over a year. As a generic drug, it is available for extremely low cost... why hasn't big pharma squelched those reports?


    Let's consider another hypothesis:
    1. big pharma doesn't want to merely "still profit", they want to profit as much as possible
    2. ivermectin doesn't treat covid
    3. ergo, the fines they would pay for knowingly and falsely claiming it treated covid prevent them from doing so, especially when
    4. big pharma is ALREADY profiting massively off a generic drug that treats covid.

    Now that you know about dexamethasone, how sure are you which side of the ivermectin debate is being "ignorant and followers"?
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