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    Default WerePuppy

    Selling a WerePuppy

    mb:150m cb: 160m Nordred SOLD
    (pp accepted at $3.50/m)

    a shaggy droop-eyed puppy with sagging jowls // a huge hunchbacked puppy with crimson slit-pupiled eyes

    >rem cage
    You remove an olive green cage of twisted mithril wire from your belt.
    >ana cage
    You analyze your olive green cage and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
    ~WerePuppy Cage~
    This cage is specially designed to securely hold a WerePuppy, either in cursed state or normal state.
    This cage does not prevent the puppy inside from feeling the effects of the moon, however, and transformations will still happen within.
    ~Alteration Guidelines~
    * Alterations are fine, though the noun must remain 'cage'.
    * The majority of the structure must remain some type of metal.
    * Alterations can be made to the long, show or both.
    ~Important Notes~
    * Only a single WerePuppy will fit in this cage.
    * As this cage is the main link to your WerePuppy, you cannot drop it or give it away without the puppy safely inside.
    * SHAKE the cage to call your WerePuppy back to you.

    You analyze your droop-eyed puppy and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
    This cursed puppy's true form is only revealed under the light of a full moon.
    Should the full light of Liabo, Lornon, Tilaok or Makiri touch him, he will transform.
    Certain preparations of powdered moonstone or sunstone may fend off the change or force it to happen.
    Curse Type: Werewolf
    When the curse takes hold, this puppy will become more savage, aggressive and wolf-like.
    ~Current Settings~
    In normal form:
    * 15/15/15: a shaggy,droop-eyed,puppy
    * Long Description: a shaggy droop-eyed puppy with sagging jowls
    * Show Description: Shaggy and thick, the lush red and white fur of this barrel-chested puppy makes him seem even bigger than he already is. Round and sagging, his face is mostly jowls and droopy warm brown eyes, giving him a perpetually morose expression. His legs are wide and muscular, with huge furry paws, while his tail is long and covered in even more plush fur.
    * Fur Type: shaggy red and white fur [Custom]
    * Tail Type: long fluffy tail [Custom]
    In cursed form:
    * 15/15/15: a huge,hunchbacked,puppy
    * Long Description: a huge hunchbacked puppy with crimson slit-pupiled eyes
    * Show Description: None
    * Fur Type: matted blood red and white fur [Custom]
    * Tail Type: thin scraggly tail [Default]

    You get no sense of whether or not the puppy may be further lightened.
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    I'll go MB on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordred View Post
    I'll go MB on this.
    You don't have to have everything sir. Lol

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    I don't expect to win it on a MB.. I was just getting things started.

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    I don't want the world; I just want your half.
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    going twice and...
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    twice and...
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