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Thread: a blue swimming tunic - 3x Per Day Resist Elements

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    Default a blue swimming tunic - 3x Per Day Resist Elements

    a blue swimming tunic
    3x a day Resist Elements

    >look at tunic
    The swimming tunic appears to be remarkably well crafted. However, the multitude of wrinkles detract from its appearance.
    >pull tunic
    As you stretch your swimming tunic outward from your body all of the wrinkles magically disappear. You release the tunic and it falls back to rest against your body.
    >push tunic
    You press your hands against your swimming tunic, trying to squeeze out any water held within the fabric.
    >rub tunic
    You rub your swimming tunic.
    Feels smooth!
    1d100: 94 + Modifiers: 246 == 340

    The air about you shimmers slightly.
    Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
    [ Resist Elements: +0:48:00, 0:47:59 remaining. ]
    $100 Paypal fandf

    a grey stone tablet
    4x Per Day Higher Vision

    >raise my tablet
    You raise your stone tablet skyward!
    1d100: 89 + Modifiers: 146 == 235

    Visions of future battles fill your eyes, providing you with knowledge of conflicts yet unfought.
    Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
    [ Higher Vision: +1:17:00, 1:16:59 remaining. ]
    $100 Paypal fandf

    I'd take $175 for both
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    bump, dropped again

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