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Thread: Returning to the lands Sale Slowly adding items

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    Default Returning to the lands Sale Slowly adding items

    Feel free to message me any best offers, please make them reasonable. If you see something that's way off PM, please.
    ask for Fornoxx/Makdol in game Phidelt208#3244 on Discord

    Enchanting up to +39 bonus 260

    Heavy-jowled troll mask 850k

    Intricate Death Mask 450k
    You look different when you die.

    Silvery faille cloak embroidered with cobalt stars
    8lbs (actioned) +2 to Mana Recovery +2 to Spell Aiming Bonus, can store a significant amount Price 4m

    pair of leather goggles with green lenses - 225k. Zested wear/remove

    a pair circular faenor-framed spectacles with domed glass lenses, 90k

    yellowing bone-framed lorgnette with a cracked lens, and a rose-lensed orase lorgnette accented with pink seed pearls. Fully unlocked. TAP, CLEAN, SCOWL (SCOWL my lorgnette at TARGET), GLARE, EXHALE, FLIRT (FLIRT my lorgnette at TARGET or FLIRT my lorgnette) SNAP. 325k

    high-collared flysilk cloak lined in jewel tones T1 unlocked 9lbs, Holds Significant 195k

    Tear cut blue diamond earcuff +5 Armor use, +2 MIU, +2 Spell aiming, persist 225k

    a faceted firestone barrette 225k
    +1 spell aim/ +1 mana recover mage rechargeable eye spy, persists, more than average dwarf can count

    a radiant-cut aquamarine necklace, +2 physical fitness, +3 spirit mana control, +4 constitution base stat. A lot of charges remaining. Crumbly. 375k

    a rune-etched copper earring: +4 telepathy, +3 aura base stat, +1 to first aid bonus. A lot of charges remaining. Crumbly. 550k

    Red garnet inset pewter crown: +1 to arcane symbols ranks (lvl 5). More charges remaining than a giantman can count. Persists. 50k

    a radiant-cut aquamarine necklace, +2 to physical fitness ranks (lvl 7), +3 to spirit mana control ranks (lvl 20), +4 to constitution base stat (lvl 10). A lot of charges remaining. Crumbly. 350k


    rolaren-edged mithril disc armor etched with deep crimson splotches, maxlight MBP
    +25, 5 cer crit w/ 10 services towards 6 cer, t2 ensorcelled. 5.2M

    Bloodstained Items

    a bloodstained leopard quartz necklace, 55k

    a bloodstained beryl ring, 50k


    a gleaming fireleaf runestaff, +22, +9 to spirit mana control bonus (lvl 27), more charges remaining than a giantman can count. Persists. 125k

    a tanik hafted vultite moon axe - . +20, +7 bonus to ambushing (more than a giantman can count), lightning flares 175k

    +17 Gold-capped witchwood runestaff. 2x acuity." +11 max mana 375k

    Leather-bound thick rowan runestaff 4x 2 orb slots 700k

    Silver faewood staff capped with a red crystal flame. 3x Zested/Actioned 200k

    an ancient vultite mace, +20, temporarily HDW, cold flares, quite a few charges left 250k

    imflass handaxe 4 to Health Recovery,3 to Edged Weapons, 4 to Physical Fitness, 7 to Stamina Recovery. 300k

    Frost-laced kakore asaya riddled with rhimar veins (runestaff) 4lbs, 5x Ice flares T2 Globus Elanthias 2M

    Pale white orase runestaff 4x/3x Acuity 750k


    large onyx-scaled mamba. T1 snake. 4.2m
    This is a wearable, poseable snake. When worn, it parks itself in your UNIQUE feature field.
    This onyx-scaled mamba is Tier 1. Verbs are: Mumble, Wear, Remove, and Rub.
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    a bone white silk loot pouch stained with a splatter of dried blood, maxlight, maxdeep, 600k

    some battered sanguine leather boots liberally splotched with dried brown bloodstains, maxlight, maxdeep, 600k

    I'll take these.

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    a blood-stained white wool greatcloak, maxlight, maxdeep, 600k

    a pair of blood-spattered black leather gloves, maxlight, maxdeep, 200k

    I’ll take.

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    topaz-inset gold torc - I'll take this

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    I will take the translucent sack.

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    open to offer if they are reasonable.

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