Hey all,

I know from in the past several folks are located in the Washington Metro Area. Not sure if this interests anyone but I do have farm fresh eggs that I am always looking to sell and if anyone has interest I can meet them in a neutral site to exchange for eggs. I usually get about a dozen a day and prefer sundays or saturdays for meet up. I am out near shenandoah so Prince William County meet ups are ideal for me but depending how many eggs you are buying I may be able to come closer to you.

I do $4 for a dozen or if you buy more than 1 dozen I can do 3.50 per dozen. This is comparable to most grocery stores but I am not an egg mill, you are getting as my mom would say "healthy butt nuggets".

Once a relationship is built too, if you had interest I would be happy to have anyone out to the farm, we have kidding season coming up in february-may which means you can pet some babies, learn how to milk a goat; we can trade goats milk for farm donations (can't sell raw milk legally but can give you anything at the farm and you can donate money to the farm as a whole) or goats cheese. We may also have unprocessed alpaca fiber if my wife decides to stop being so stingy with it.

Send me a PM if you have interest or you can look me up on Facebook and send us a message.