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    So in a conversation with a friend about which is better evade spec or parry spec he asked the question if a TWC user, which my rogue is, gets two tries at a parry per attack since he has two weapons.

    I trained in evade spec but now I am wondering if I should change it. Anyone have any idea about this?

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    yea parry should be superior if you're a twc user since now u could set the order of ebp with stance perfection or whatever it is call

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    More about weapon skills and gear than the math.

    TWC just uses a different parry equation. While the result may be higher, the parry spec versus evade specs is still 10%, regardless of what your actual values are. Boosting 4% to 14% may seem like a lot marginally, but it's the same outcome as boosting something from 10% up to 20%.

    While ordering matters, we're usually dealing with thin margins, and the other benefits typically outweigh the ordering differences.

    If you're using OHEs for TWC, and can riposte, then parry is going to be giving a lot of benefits if you're riposting and applying the weaken armament.
    If you're using animalistic armor with revenge procs on evasion, then evade and triggering those revenge flares may be more advantageous.
    If you're using an animalistic xex shield with spikes, then block may would increase the opportunities for those flares in occurring.

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    Tldr without nerd talk: parry spec kicks ass via twc, especially double dipping with a katana.
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    Well I am TWC with wakizashi so I think I will give it a try, I mean all that can happen is I die. Isn't that what deeds are for?

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