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Thread: 10x Weighted Lance

  1. Default 10x Weighted Lance

    Looking for interest on this item. It was my pet project for several years, but I don't play nearly as much as I did back then, so I figured I'd toss this up, bump it every few weeks, and see what sort of offers come my way.

    A perfect eonake-shot war pike.
    Perfect Forging. Ora metal.
    Max Light.
    10x +50.
    T5 Ensorcell.
    Very Heavily Crit Weighted. 11CER 10/30 to 12CER.
    Very Heavily Crit Weighted Extraplanar Bane. 12CER. This is a lot of creatures.
    Fully unlocked Gory. Auction level.
    The pike has the following custom descriptions:
    Long Description: None.
    Bloody Long Description: a perfect eonake-shot war pike slathered with gore
    Ectoplasm Long Description: a perfect eonake-shot war pike slicked with gore
    Blood and Ectoplasm Long Description: a perfect eonake-shot war pike soaked with gore-splattered chunks of flesh
    Show Description: None.
    Gory Show Description: None.

    This took a lot of time, effort, and love to get it to where it is. It's definitely not the best, but it's one of the really decent weapons around. And with the release of grit, it can easily be taken higher for an affordable price.

    Message me if you're seriously interested.
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    Wow. Nice weapon!

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    Expl bane so much more valuable now with 330 dropping soon
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    Wish they Would make swinging a weapon great again.

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    Yeah, since the bless changes are confirmed, and it's just a few odds and ends needing to be tweaked before release, basically this thing will hit like a truck no matter if you're fighting a ghost or a goblin. I like Extraplanar bane because it's one of the strongest banes for end-game hunting areas. Undead bane was competitive, of course, but the changes sort of nullify that. Hopefully I find a good home for it in relatively fair time!

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    Bump! Have talked to a few people, nothing set in stone yet.

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    Got a bit more crit work done to it.

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    Bump to this. Actually had a deal going for this, but unforeseen circumstances happened. No big deal. If their real life shapes up, we'll talk about the deal again. But, for now, still looking for a good home for this weapon. Hope everyone is doing well!

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