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    Looking for this from one or more warriors. I am interested in contracting for around 6 months of work in total, if anyone wants a consistent customer so they don't have to shop their wares around every week. DM me if you can handle this kind of project, or know someone who can, please! Thank you for reading.

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    Bump. Still looking!

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    Bump. Still looking. Looking for any amount of work from anyone who can handle this kind of job.

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    Bump. Paying pretty well for services.

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    Hey there,

    If you're still interested, I'm hovering around 665 for polearms but I could push that a good bit higher if you own any polearm enhancives, since I don't use polearms myself. I'm currently sitting on 3.5 weeks of grit with more coming on Wednesday. What are you offering per service?

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    Bump. Still looking for more work. It shall never end!

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