PSA: The EO team brings you another exciting update to lich5 (5.2.1) with several enhancements, bug fixes, and support for future updates. Update via ;lich5-update --update then quit/restart.

["Lich 5.2.1 includes:",
"Support for STOWing items irrespective of special item scripts",
"Improved query support for Effects and CMans",
"Fix Lich bug to respect the 'groupmovement' flag in game",
"Fix Lich round time calculations (more aggressive timing)",
"Dark Mode is now a thing",
"Lich4 Style GUI layout available",
"Several file location changes to support future code change efforts"]
As always, you can reach out for support on discord should you run into any issues.

Dark Mode: Lich 5.2.1 now supports dark mode for the entry and dark mode maps done by some of our wonderful creators. While we work on a streamlined delivery system, enable the dark mode toggle in the launch and then you can download the dark mode maps here: and then place the folder in your Lich5 directory. Then launch xnarost ';xnarost` and if there's a support dark mode map, you'll be golden!