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    Default Few items

    6x/6x T4 nervestick with a T5 ensorcell. 120m silver.
    3 3X RPA orbs, 15m silver each.
    An elestine fire gown (rainbow/prismatic flame color) for 250m silver.
    T2 Voln Hauberk for 25m silver.
    100 slot locker contract 35m silver.
    500k/650k reim bucks (Enough to add reim script to any set of armor with the script slot open or buy a weight reducing backpack) 650k loose reim scrip, will make a deal for other items/ect for reim scrip at 400k silver per 1k reim scrip, regardless of block size sold. (This will increase to 500k per 1k at 800k scrip banked, since that is close to a padding cert and I'll save it for that offering)

    Will do USD at 5 usd per 1m (I prefer silver, but have had folks ask, so there is a price for it.. Not interested in any other alt currencies, unless you don't mind having it massively undervalued.)
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    [LNet]-GSIV:Aizaraii: "I'm all for killing animals, we can settle with saying vegetarians are retarded"
    A twisted being's throat glows green as it opens its mouth, loosing a blast of acid that scours the entire room!
    The acid splashes over you!
    ... 63 points of damage!
    Acid bath empties chest. It's a lot cleaner now.

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