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Thread: Name,race,gender and Profession changes are here.

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    Default Name,race,gender and Profession changes are here.

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    So... disappointed.
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    Ok who has been screaming for this?

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    What the literal F?

    Damn, Simu. Please, take my money!

    Oh wait, you already do. I guess that's my fault there.....

    Now all you warriors can change race to a halfling and be all superior over any other warrior race! HAHAHAHA!

    Crap, that gives me an evil idea that Simu will now start to nerf a race and folks will scramble to change race. Then they'll nerf another race and slowly build up the previous race.....people are going to be race hopping. Same will happen with professions.....they're already being nerfed, but folks will jump ship to another profession until that one is nerfed, then they'll jump to the next. It's a vicious cycle that only Simu can win!
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    You gotta be kidding me. I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st already.
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    Name and gender changes have been asked for. I'd probably rename a couple of my characters.

    Race and profession changes.... not something that needs to happen.
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    This is my favorite part:

    “ All of these uses are permanent and irreversible except with another polymorph potion.”

    Because in the first half of the sentence you’re like “oh okay, these potions can only be used once, it’s not THAT bad I guess.” Then you read the rest of the sentence and you realize “oh of course! They want to sell multiples of these potions for each character.”
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    At the very least the costs of these should be doubled. Someone can change their profession for roughly 180 dollars? That’s a bit silly.

    It’s like all of those years people invest in their characters is almost meaningless because you can just change everything now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    It’s like all of those years people invest in their characters is almost meaningless because you can just change everything now.
    I can certainly see a large reason for changing name, gender, and professions... race, maybe not so much.

    RP-wise, being able to change profession is a total and absolutely game-changer. I'm absolutely considering one for my main, since she's already RP'd a similar style.
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    "These potions came at the request of numerous players over the years."

    My ass. What an unbelievably blatant cash grab.

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