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Thread: random laptop question

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    Not using a laptop, but wasn't a function were you could remove the battery if you keep it plugged in most of the time?

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    If that's your laptop, replacing the battery should be easy. If you were using an Apple laptop, well, those fuckers have been gluing everything together since around 2012 and making it extremely irritating to replace batteries in their laptops.

    Unscrew the backplate of the laptop, disconnect the battery, unscrew the battery, replace battery, screw it back in and screw the laptop backplate back on. If you're uncomfortable doing it even the screw ups that work at Best Buy Geek Squad or a local Staples store should be able to replace the battery for you. Or find a local computer shop that could do the work.

    Just be happy it's pretty simple. Last laptop I had to work on the fan died on it and she was over heating. I had to remove the back panel to remove the battery, then I had to remove the keyboard and carefully undo the ribbons, then unscrew a bunch of other shit to get to the fan. While I was in there I repasted the TIM on the CPU and GPU, replaced the fan and put it all back together.....after putting everything back together and testing it out, the keyboard wasn't using correct inputs. I had to pull half of the laptop apart again and found that I had slightly misaligned the ribbon for the keyboard to connect back to the MB. Once I corrected it, screwed it all back together a second time everything worked great.

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