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Thread: 712 Reaction spell

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    Default 712 Reaction spell

    What spell do you use with Cloak of Shadows (712)

    I've been using pain, as I mostly hunt bandits. I'm thinking of switching to 716.

    What do you guys use?
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    If it were bandits, I'd use 717. Also 708 is a good spell w/ aim right arm as long as you're 2x spell aim. Works on most things to prevent them from doing anything.

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    I use 130. It regularly saves me from the 4 - 10 rounds stuns with multiple critters swinging at me. My DS was usually good enough not to worry, but I hunted mostly in Nelemar and the thought of being imploded, e-waved or dispelled while stunned was always in the back of my mind. There is a slight chance of a death crit from the spell. I want to believe I lived more often then not because of the spell. I hear 740 works and one day I may actually look into it
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    711 saves me pretty often. I have enough CS and necro lore that they tend to get locked in roundtime until I can act again.
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