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Thread: Greater Essences (to make enchanting potions)

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    You should just forget about them again because they don't sell! This is more like public service at this point (in case someone actually wants to make one of the potions) rather than trying to sell them and make silvers.
    They need to buff rodyn potions.
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    I posted suggestions at one point in time on the official to give the greater essences and flaring pre-temper potions more flare (no pun intended) since right now they're basically worthless, but I figure it just fell on deaf ears, like most things do.

    Then the addition of the suffuse verb for storing essence to help boost your bonus to enchant/ensorcell and so on more difficult projects kind of makes the pre-temper flaring potions unnecessary.

    Before the third (or are we on the fourth?) change to how enchanting works and when you were required to use the pre-temper flaring potions on a flaring weapon to even enchant it, I made good use of them. I even had sets of enhancives that helped boost my air lore and fire lore so I didn't have to infuse the potions with as much mana to do enchants faster. I had worked hard at building up greater essences, even put my wizard through one of the most fucking mundane systems (alchemy) to learn how to craft the pre-temper potions (thank god for the alchemy script).....but the non-stop search for water and fire essences to do so many fucking reps and the gathering of hides/skins.....oh, and the god damn foraging of plants.....

    I get through all that, alchemy, gathering greater essences, crafting pre-temper potions, building of enchancive sets, infusing pre-temper potions with essence and the fucking ass hats in charge change how the whole system worked about 8 months after I found a rhythm.

    Now, I have a bunch of the pre-temper flaring potions converted to the new versions and sitting in my player shop - I think 3 of them have sold and between all 4 types, I still have around 3 dozen.....not to mention I have a handful of greater essences still.
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