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Thread: 50 CER armor

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    some lightweight scale with krodera links

    10x enchant

    50 CER critical padding (5000 services) Examining the scale closely, it looks like it is wondrously padded against critical blows.

    [Some lightweight scale with krodera links has a combat effectiveness rating of 50 points of Critical padding. It has 0 of 300 services towards the next full rank of combat effectiveness.]

    It's currently ASG 10 (Cuirbouilli Leather), but weighs only 4 lb. Can switch it to fulls/doubles at any DR or you could go to chain/plate with one of the unlimited AG changers at wyromania (one sold for 150k last time I think).

    Has GUB on it for legacy stuff and 2 DS GUB boosters (+20 DS vs undead)

    Has 5 OB bonus (The harmonics generated tell you that the scale serves to reduce the severity of inflicted wounds, serves to increase the efficiency of attacks by granting +5 Attack Strength)

    It's also Tier 4 voln armor for that sheer fear resist:

    The lightweight scale is currently TIER 4 which contributes 15 Gear Points to the armor, and has the following options available:
    *** NON-VOLN, and VOLN MEMBERS ***
    Fluff:  BOW, TAP, STARE, CLUTCH, and KNEEL
    Fluff:  PUSH, EXHALE, and DRAW(1x/week)
    * DS flares against undead foes.  Base chance to flare of 15%, +5% for Voln Masters, +5% for Voln converts.  Amount of DS applied equal to armor enchant, min. of +10, max. of +50.
    * +10 passive Sheer Fear resistance against undead.
    * Automatic Symbol of Need upon death - half normal favor cost.  Must already possess knowledge of the Symbol.  Toggled on/off with WHISPER.
    * Phantom critical padding augments DS flare.  If flare triggered and attack goes through, it does so with critical padding in place.  Amount of padding applied equal to half armor enchant, min. of 5 points, max. of 25 points.
    * Locate nearby undead ability - cost of 5 units of favor.  Activated with PONDER.
    * Additional +10 Sheer Fear resistance against undead.
    * 2x/day Symbol of Return ability that works while stunned/immobile/webbed -  normal favor cost.  Must already possess knowledge of Symbol.  Activated with BESEECH.

    Though you don't yet have a full understanding of the scale's qualities, you get the impression it would be an overwhelming project (3,191 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.

    PM for price, it's not insignificant but selling basically at cost for what I paid. I can accept crypto.
    Fucking balls. That's some pretty sweet armor right there.
    ~Crazy Cat Lady, Player of Cylnthia~

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    Finally, a High-End Valuable!
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    Geez. I need to change my shorts.

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