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Thread: Auction of Various Items

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    Default Auction of Various Items

    Hi All,

    A few recent finds up for auction:

    1) A Gleaming Blue Dreamstone Necklace
    +5 Blunt Bonus, Crumbly

    MB: 100K
    CB: Sold to Menos for 100K.

    2) An Aquamarine Studded Bronze Neckchain
    +5 Ranged Weapon Bonus, Crumbly

    MB: 100K
    CB: Sold to Menos for 400K.

    3) A Jade and Beryl Torc
    +6 Aura Base +6 Mental Mana Control Bonus, +1 Harness Power Bonus, +3 Strength Base, Crumbly

    MB: 300K
    CB: Sold for 5 Million to Neimanz.

    4) A "Sexy" Deringo Quarter Staff
    +8 and Enhancive as follows:
    +5 to Dexterity Bonus
    +2 to Strength Bonus
    +11 to Stalking and Hiding bonus
    +7 to Dodge Bonus

    MB: 100K
    CB: Sold for 100k to Taltus.

    5) Some Ora Brigandine Armor
    +10, and with the following properties:
    +10 Target Defense (permanent)
    15% Resistance to Slashing Attacks (permanent)
    +7 Constitution Base

    MB: 200K
    CB: Sold for 4 Million to Neimanz.


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    MB 3
    Discord - allen#5476

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    That is a sexy quarterstaff.
    I don't use Lich. If you want to do business with me, contact me via PM, IG, or on AIM. Or maybe use smoke signals. Don't like it, get off of my lawn.

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    MB 5

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    MB 2

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    500k on 3

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    1- 100k
    2- 200k
    3- 600k


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    3 750k

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    Updated, all items going once.

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    1m on 3
    I accepted free spells during an "automated third party promotion" from "the responsible party," but I only did it once, and I didn't hunt until after they wore off

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