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Thread: full armor concealer - a misty black silk shroud with a jagged cut hem

  1. Default full armor concealer - a misty black silk shroud with a jagged cut hem

    a misty black silk shroud with a jagged cut hem
    5m Tumbadoo Going Sold

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    The black silk shroud is designed to hide leather, scale, chain mail and plate mail armor which covers torso, arms, legs and head.
    This garment should be designed in such a manner to convey that ALL these areas are completely covered.
    You carefully analyze your black silk shroud and sense that there are some alteration restrictions. The shroud can have either a long or a show description.
    Any outer garment noun may be used for armor concealers as long as they are loose fitting and fully cover the appropriate areas of protection (tunics do not cover legs, so they may not cover leg worn armor, a shawl would not be appropriate at all, etc.).
    Armor concealers that cover the head MUST have a hood/cowl in the base (15/15/15) and in any long descriptions.
    Armor concealers can be made out of any material that is not see-through.
    Racial clothing nouns are approved as follows:
    Ruhan ~ This garment is knee-length or shorter and should not have a hood, so it cannot cover armor with leg or head protection. This concealer cannot be pocketed.
    Toque ~ This noun is approved for any armor and may have a hood.
    Cotehardie ~ This noun may be used but must clearly be an outer garment that falls to the knees (so it cannot cover armor with leg protection) and is not-tight fitting. It should be used as an elven outer garment, not a gown.
    Apotl/Apotla ~ These are fine for concealers, but since it is a waist-length cloak, it only covers torso and arms.
    Atanika/Ataniki ~ These nouns are approved for concealers but should not have a hood.

    You get no sense of whether or not the shroud may be further lightened.
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    5mil going once to Tumbadoo

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    5mil going three times and final call to Tumbadoo
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