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Thread: Lich version 5.0.19 available

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    Default Lich version 5.0.19 available

    The next version of lich (5.0.19 with many PSM and more fixes) is available from EO. To update lich and core files,
    ;jinx script install lich5-update --repo=elanthia-online
    ;lich5-update --update
    then quit/restart lich.

    To receive continued updates, a user can
    ;autostart add --global lich5-update --update
    Discord is the preferred location for any support issues. If you are still on Lich4, we highly recommend switching to Lich5 as there will be limited backwards support for Lich4 as the game keeps changing.
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    Working like a charm, had to move over my lich.db3 file from the lich4 installer and it ported over most of my script settings.

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