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Thread: What did you get at this Duskruin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alashir View Post
    My vote for top pick is the realm flaring UCS gear. Think it was 2k or something each piece. Love my realm flares and enjoy the 5x.

    I did also pick up two of those knives from the new knife shop.
    Oh what do the knives do?

    And yes you can never go wrong with realm flares!
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    10 WPS services x2 windows on a bunch of gear (lol cheap)
    213 clasp from Spellbound
    Animalistic gloves (1/5 Savage Power; everything else unlocked) + T1 dispel flares
    Animalistic double leather (4/4 Instinct, Revenge, Stamina Recovery; left the others locked)
    Energy shield (chose lightning and two unlocks; going to play around with it before deciding on the last unlock)
    Fighting knife (mithril tanto for slight benefit on item difficulty; unlocked to 3 of 4)
    Bag of Holding (ugh)

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    I got fully unlocked elven armor… brig .. twc ranger .. x10 almost.. surprisingly nice when u cast and swing .. the buff never wears off and combined with wild entropy buff

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    t0 mana-infused brig, also added 40 services of crit padding
    grapple flares on mech crossbow
    custom flair messaging on mech crossbow
    40 services of sighting on mech crossbow
    t2 energy crossbow (heat)
    uncurse 3x day
    phase wand 40x day
    tobacco tins and cigar wraps
    a couple writable books

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