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Thread: Optimizing Imbue

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    Has anyone done research to figure out any critical thresholds (ranger spell ranks, SMC ranks, etc) required to consistently get 80 mana rods?

    The impact of Summoning lore is well documented on the wiki, but haven't seen anything specific to maxing out base mana capacity.

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    Good question, the last time I made 100 ranger imbeds 96 were rods and 4 were wands that's with 64 ranger spells, 66 smc, 30 disc bonus, and 19 int bonus. I used them to make 910/510 wands since it's way quicker and significantly cheaper to make ranger imbeds than to bother with all the faff that goes along with making Mithril and Topaz wands via alchemy. With 67 summoning (+11 mana capacity) the rods held a guestimate of 50/50 8 and 9 charges.

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