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Thread: 10x T5 KO t3 dispel 7 cer crit maul

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    There is always a small influx of people coming back to the lands who have money and want nice gear. They don't even know how to really put gear together and it is much easier to throw cash at it.
    this is a very true statement. Having left for 5 years or so myself, it took about 6 months for me to catch up on all the mechanics and understanding DR. Still yet to fully grasp what else is out there like EG and Reim. Not to mention ensorcell, being able to enchant gear with flares/weighting, now add grit in the mix. One of my best friends is coming back after about 10 years. Trying to explain to him all his gear is worthless now and what's available is not an easy task. If you're sitting on a capped character who hasn't ventured in the lands in the last 5 years, throwing $500 at it to get caught up in some gear isn't out of the question. And that's just for middle of the road stuff.

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    Its a nice item, But 400m is a non starter.

    If it had something a bit more rarer I'd lean closer to 300-350. (obviously higher end adds would increase this).

    If I was buying I'd be looking to spend 250ish. After that there's better out there for less.

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