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Thread: 10x T5 KO t3 dispel 7 cer crit maul

  1. Default 10x T5 KO t3 dispel 7 cer crit maul

    Idea on value?

    10x perfect maul, T5 ensorcell, knockout flares, t3 dispel flares, 7 cer crit


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    Assuming 4x perfect 4m

    10x 45m potions / 2,134,355 essence 85m (@40per)
    7 cer (90 services) 5m per 20 services= 22.5m
    Knockout 100m
    T3 dispel 90m
    T5 ensorcel 15m @ 1.5m per week
    361.5m total cost to produce.
    I use a 75% value retention making this worth 271.125m give or take

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    Um, more like 75M in potions///essence will probably average out well above 40 per. 60/+ is more like it unless you did it yourself of course///and ensorc would be left for the end to include mostly mutant ensorc, so around 25M.

    Probably around 450M in it. That being said, it is about how bad someone wants it or how bad you wanna let it go.

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    i was rushing my calculations while driving a truck heh. but i still stick to 75% of cost is a good starting point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subeta View Post
    i was rushing my calculations while driving a truck heh. but i still stick to 75% of cost is a good starting point
    You're a lot closer with your valuation. I've sold a couple of two handers and I would have placed it around 300m.
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    Yes, I also agree with the 75% valuation average. I was calculating the amount of money it takes to make it. That is why I simply said it depends how bad someone wants it or how bad you want to let it go.

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    Some ramblings from me. Personal opinions so feel free to disagree.
    -I like calculation to build yourself and the idea of the 75% factor. This seems like a very reasonable starting point.
    -That said, there are certain aspects though that sell closer to their value and others that don't. Things like KO (outside of gloves), extra dispells (beyond the first), cer, enchanting, etc. seem to not be nearly worth it to others what they cost to buy. This is especially the case for things that have unlimited availability. If we were talking about things that are limited in quantity (blink, etc.) or end game scripts (sigil, etc.) those seem to hold value better.
    -The idea that this already has the script slot occupied with KO may be seen as a benefit to some people, or a non-benefit to others. KO is great, but there are a lot greater scripts you can add to mauls, not to mention the fusion/defusion missed opportunity before adding a script. So if someone buys this, they may be valuing KO at a lot wanting to keep it, in other cases may be valuing it at 0 assuming they will replace it.
    -Also, there are psychological thresholds that make a difference to people. HCW (10cer) seems to be a threshold a lot of people aim for. Some people may consider anything less just meh. Others may not
    -This is definitely a nice weapon, but is there an opportunity to build from here or is someone finishing here? These are the 2 types of buyers you will get. You already have the flare and script slots occupied and the enchant maxed out. Is that a good or bad thing? Well if you are going to have this be a project piece, you really only have more CER and subscripts/banes to add. Otherwise, you have to start removing things, in order add more things.

    All that said, I would put this a bit below the 271m 75% estimate. I might value it in the ballpark of 225m. You are already talking about a somewhat niche buyer that can afford that and is said person going to leave it as is, or are they going to expand on it? It kind of is in between a lot of stuff. More expensive than some people can afford as a final setup, but not enough for others to build upon to make it an ultra super powered project.
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    Lexbubba, all valid points. That is precisely why it can go lower or higher. For someone with the cash who doesn't want the headache of acquiring enchant after enchant, grinding out DR's to death, etc they may pay much closer to cost. You may have to advertise and hold onto it for quite a while though. If you just wanted to be rid of it and don't mind a loss, you could entice someone to take it.

    Zaoloo seems to do very well in advertising and waiting for folks to pay the price he is asking. There is always a small influx of people coming back to the lands who have money and want nice gear. They don't even know how to really put gear together and it is much easier to throw cash at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamsquatch View Post
    Idea on value?

    10x perfect maul, T5 ensorcell, knockout flares, t3 dispel flares, 7 cer crit

    This is worth around 400m.

    Many of these “appraisers” will rank the price just to buy it up on an alt to resell.

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