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    Heya fellow Monks,

    So, while I would be interested in what people are using cman points on now with all the changes, I do have a major question....

    We can only train in one of Punch, Grapple or Kick Specialization which now allows 5 ranks instead of the previous 3 ranks for the 'Mastery' versions. Now while I ended up with a decent amount of Cman points being returned to me, I also see I still have 2 ranks each of grapple & kick, and 3 of punch seemingly active. Does anyone know if all of these ranks are actually active, or if only the highest one is, or are none of them active pending my reallocating points to one specialization only?

    If they are all currently active, my dilemma is whether or not to focus on bringing one to the full 5 ranks, or keep things where they are to gain the smaller benefits to each of the Weapon Techniques associated with them.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    The intent is to only have one. Punch is probably the best for most users, especially pre-cap.
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    Monks get a feat at 40 that gives you +10 MM to all UCS attacks, +10% tier chance to all UCS attacks and +10% evade chance.
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    I am currently messing around with Kroderine Soul/Mental Acuity. I have some decent leather breastplate and wanted to see how a monk would play with the less spell and armored route. I'm only 75 right now so I don't know how well this path will hold up against capped casting creatures. I'm only in decent damage/crit padded LBP and seem able to take some punishment in lieu of 1225/1235 and the 100's. I am using Slippery Mind instead of Krynch. Even as a Halfling, Rank 5 bullrush is pretty slick especially with spiked and flaring armor.
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