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Thread: Returned Returned.

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    Default Returned Returned.


    Lot 22 - 3m - Macillus SOLD and delivered
    Lot 23 - 1M - RAR SOLD and delivered
    Lot 24 - 500k - Elysia SOLD and delivered

    And these are gone. I may have more lots coming again soon.
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    Lot 22 MB 100k (lots of old clothing items, Vanne fans, a few enhancives, rare-ish imbeds, and a neat case)
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    Lot 23 MB 250K (diamonds and beakers and things to write in and bottles and a whole bunch of other items)
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    Lot 24 lots of gems and other things. I could sell the gems at over 200k alone. MB 350k.
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    [QUOTE=tash;2218305]My old thread got a little long in the tooth. So I'll kick this off in a new one. With some free stuff to get it going.

    My pocket sorc can ensorcell to T1 or T2. Mid 70s, so some limitations. But if we can do it, we'll do it. For free. First to ask is first to get. T1 or T2, all the same to me.

    Me please!

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    Since you're offering, I wouldn't mind adding puncture resistance. I'm in the Landing, but FWI works for me. Thanks!

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    Sounds good. Ralimar gets some ensrocell and wolfsage gets some puncture resistance. 4 more puncture resistances on me if you ask. Items for sale coming in the next 24 hoursish. Note my placeholders above. PM R & W and I'll get you hooked up.

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    I will take you up on some of that resistance!
    Discord: Kyaloria#0165

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    Got ya Mokie. PM me your armor class, and I can do it now.

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    Two down, three to go. Hit me up here, then PM me your armor class. That way I can have the fittings ready to go. And Ralimar, give me a time. I'll reopen this slot tomorrow at 9pm eastern if I don't hear back.

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