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Thread: Inventory Item Management

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    You will drive yourself crazy if you try to get maximum or efficient market price for all 200+ of your DR finds including fringe fluff items. Get a bard to unlock a set of 50 and go through them in real time while marking them as... a) immediately pawn or auction on the spot through lnet/amunet, b) mid value leftovers for PC forums auction, and C) quality items/keepers for yourself. The quality items you will probably want to do a cursory lookup on playershops for comparable prices. Then just stick leftovers on PC for a price and don't worry if you didn't retain 99% of the item's intrinsic market value as of yesterday. Your time is more valuable than squeezing out an extra 2-3mil over 200 items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluecenterlight View Post
    Does anyone have any best practices or tips they would share on managing their treasure hoarding? It'd be greatly appreciated.

    Unfortunately when it comes to item management in this game you have to be ruthless, give it away, sell to the pawnshop regardless of what you think it might be worth, or my favourite the barrel outside the townhall, don't think about it just do it or you'll end up with an enormous time sink. It's best not to collect it at all but you know what this game is like, you're walking around with a clean inventory, sneeze and then suddenly you have an inventory so full that you're featuring on an episode of hoarders.

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    Take 99% percent of it and sell it to the pawn. End of problem.
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