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Thread: Returning warrior from 98'

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    Wow ok so I've got like 10 months sabbatical and I'm going to give this a try.

    I called Simutronics corporation up and I've got everything setup. Here's my beef with the game.
    It seems to cost a lot of money to play especially to get the stuff I need for my character.

    My character is a level 61 elven warrior. What equipment does he need to play comfortably? I don't want to make the game feel harder either strictly by not having access to decent equipment.

    I got like 12 million silvers to play with.

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    Honestly, you could probably get a bunch of 5x stuff for free from someone.
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    What Gelston said.

    Additionally, just keep eyes open for deals on plain 7X armor, weapon, shield and you'd be fine.

    Items these days have a lot of bells and whistles, but good deals can be found with a bit of patience on plain 7X gear. As a warrior that is plenty to continue levelling comfortably.

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    Yeah, you could easily get 5x swcp gear for 6m (armor, weapon, shield). I can raid my lockers if you want something free.
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