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    I probably have my settings off. Before I blab on about this one, is there an older thread I am missing? If so, I will kill this one too and add to that one.

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    Assuming I'm not treading over an old thread. Comics have gotten a little hard to digest for me. 5 minutes of reading for 4-5 bucks? I know it's about the paper and paying the creators, I get that. But damn, 5 bucks ain't nothing. I came in on the dollar an issue or so, with more writing than I feel I see today.

    That said, I loved It eats what feeds it. Lovely manga style art. Beautiful colors. I have many old issues I can ramble on about as well, but Scout Comics is the new thing that is doing great things in my mind,

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    When I was really into comics a few years back (Marvel ones at least), I just subscribed to Was like $100 a year for every single comic ever written. Just read them all on my iPad from then on. Probably saved me $5000+
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    The lost boys I think. Love it Methais. Yea, I am a comixology subscriber these days. it saves a lot, but it doesn't fill that collector hole in my heart.

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    Many things are available in trades, so that route or the comixology / marvel membership are the most cost-friendly ways to go with things. However, buying books does let you speculate in the collection business. It's nicer when you bought that book back in the day and then slowly builds up to be worth a bit.

    I was a big Valiant fan back in the 90s. They came back to life a handful of years ago. I didn't like the way they went with Archer and Armstrong, but the reboot of Harbinger was great. I haven't watched the bloodshot movie, but don't base your thoughts on Valiant entirely on that. Harbinger was great, and it came back even better.

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    To ramble on a little about the pleasure of buying books. The one worth the most I originally bought off the shelf was New Mutants 98, first Deadpool. I came in to collecting heavily with McFarlane's Spiderman run when he wrote and drew those books. I was a shade late on his Amazing Spiderman books, no so 350 for me. I also bought the first issues of Carnage appearing drawn by Bagley I think. Underrated artist because he followed McFarlane.

    I was in a big comic book store a year or two ago, and they had the first Carnage appearance on the wall. The young lady who worked there was telling me how much she'd love to have that issue. It's those kind of moments where you don't mind as much you are a little old, and can chuckle to yourself about buying it when it was a buck fifty or whatever and know you have it stashed in a long box.
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