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    I got a little old and decided I should start writing. Somewhere along the way, someone suggested I go graphic novel. I love comics, but writing in comic style is awkward for me. I figured I needed to start laying out some artwork to work my story panels over. If it sucks, tell me. If you see promise, tell me. If you have ideas to make it better, tell me. Please to all of those cases.

    Just some rough background art to start with (5 of about 60 panels). I'm cheesing panels with my own modified photos, yes. I was once art prone, but I got lost in math and programming somewhere. Probably because it paid better. Not really a journal, but it is me trying to work through how I want to proceed. Just trying to tap feedback, not puke post everywhere.

    fam example.jpg



    kuwait building.jpg

    another example.jpg

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    Get an Ipad, get EasyPose and then get any comic panel program. Personally I like Adobe for everything. Rasta and vector brushes in Adobe Fresco. You can make any figure doing anything you want in EasyPose then just design the clothing yourself. The trick I found when making comics is to work FAST. Don't get hung up on single frames making them perfect just blitz them out and work on them later after you're done. Pretend you're your own inker

    Don't let yourself get downhearted mate. Just get to it and please do share whatever you want I know I'd certainly like to see it!

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