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    I got a little old and decided I should start writing. Somewhere along the way, someone suggested I go graphic novel. I love comics, but writing in comic style is awkward for me. I figured I needed to start laying out some artwork to work my story panels over. If it sucks, tell me. If you see promise, tell me. If you have ideas to make it better, tell me. Please to all of those cases.

    Just some rough background art to start with (5 of about 60 panels). I'm cheesing panels with my own modified photos, yes. I was once art prone, but I got lost in math and programming somewhere. Probably because it paid better. Not really a journal, but it is me trying to work through how I want to proceed. Just trying to tap feedback, not puke post everywhere.

    fam example.jpg



    kuwait building.jpg

    another example.jpg

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    And a small writing segment. Not related to any of the images before. Just people working on trucks in the motor pool. I know I'll have to break up the text blocks. Thin them down. Spread them across more panels than it is written currently. I am also less confident on my writing, as I just type like I speak. Wah wah wah. JS: Junior Soldier SS: Senior Soldier

    Fall 2004, US Unit preparing for an upcoming deployment to the salah al-din Province. Currently at the Motor Pool for maintenance checks of their vehicles
    JS: Man, these IED attacks are terrifying, and we’re driving these vehicles from Kuwait to Iraq? Straight north through the Sunni Triangle?
    SS: That’s the plan. Hopefully we’re able to get some armor welded on to these trucks while consolidating in Kuwait.
    JS: [Noting the flimsily to simply no armor on a large number of vehicles] How the hell do they even have all of these IED attacks? The news keeps talking about how much deadlier and complex they’ve become.
    SS: Well, during the initial invasion, it was a race to Baghdad with most of the focus on WMDs. Most of the bases were deserted. It didn’t stop us from having to go full NBC.
    JS: ?
    SS: Anyways, some people asked if we should secure all of the conventional munitions. Artillery rounds, tank rounds, so on. We were told the objective was to get to Baghdad. Most of that ordinance was left unsecured, waiting for when we could spare the forces to dispose of it all.
    Js: ??
    SS: When they went back to dispose of it weeks or months later, they found it was all gone.
    JS: ???
    SS: Eh, they fired and all of the Baath party members, which included almost all Sunnis in the Government, Police, and military. Blacklisted them from any future roles in the government, police, or military. All while not having enough to non-baathists to secure the secure the country, and leaving so many disgruntled and now without an income to take care of themselves or their families.
    JS: So we basically took their jobs, told them no new jobs in probably the only thing you’re skilled in, but didn’t kind of keep tabs of vast arsenals of explosives?
    SS: Hell, I think we let them take their ak-47s with them when they were dismissed. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, but be sure take your guns for protection..
    JS: They let them take artillery and shit?
    SS: No, but it all poofed not long after. People were shocked. I guess most of it got buried in random places all over the country, or stored in basements. Who knows?
    JS: The fuck [Looks at trucks again]
    SS: It was a few months after we were in Baghdad that we started to see occasional blast attacks, but they were small in scale. Hell, we went out just walking early on. But things started to escalate with those kind of attacks.
    JS: Wow. That is crazy. Think we’ll get any warlocks I’ve been hearing about for the remote detonations they're using for IEDs these days?
    SS: We’ll be lucky to get armor on all of these trucks..
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    At the end of the day, this is what I think about. Why did we send people into the grinder? Why did I escape the grinder? Hell if I know. It wasn't about what people said it was about.

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