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Thread: Official ;tpick changes and discussion

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    Default Official ;tpick changes and discussion

    Yes that's right! This is the official thread for the latest changes to ;tpick. Also for discussions related to ;tpick and stuff. And stuff and stuff.

    So anywho. Just uploaded version 322 which has the following changes:

    The setting "Calibrate on startup" under the "More Other" tab has been updated. If you're a rogue or a bard you can enter "never" in this setting to never use calipers or loresing to boxes to get the lock difficulty, instead you will default to using a vaalin lockpick, this means you no longer have to start the script with the "v" command line variable. Using the "c" command line variable will still default to starting with a copper lockpick.

    New tab! Pool/worker
    The settings under this tab are only when you're using the pool/worker. If you're doing any other sort of picking these settings won't be used.

    The new settings:

    Max critter level: The max critter level of boxes you want to pick, all other boxes will be turned in. For example if you set this to "50" then any boxes coming from critters above level 50 will be turned in, any boxes coming from critters level 50 or below will be worked on.

    Minimum tip wanted: The minimum tip you want before working on a box. For example if you set this to "500" then any boxes with tips of 499 or fewer will be turned in, any boxes with tips of 500 or greater will be worked on.

    Picks to use based on level: By default this setting only works for non-rogues/non-bards. For rogues/bards you either have to use the "v" command line variable or set the "Calibrate on startup" setting under the "More Other" tab to "never."

    Here is an example of what to make this setting:

    10 copper, 20 steel, 30 gold, 50 lage, 75 invar, 90 kelyn

    This would use a copper lockpick for boxes coming from critters of levels 1-10, steel for 11-20, gold for 21-30, lage for 31 to 50, etc etc.

    Vaalin is automatically used if the critter level is higher than the highest number you set or if the critter level is unknown for some reason.

    Yay for changes!

    Version 325: Hopefully fixed bug which crashed the script when character only gathers some coins from a box instead of gathering all at once.

    Version 326: Fixed bug with "picks to use based on critter level" setting that wasn't using a vaalin lockpick if the critter level was higher than the highest level you put in the setting.
    Version 326: Fixed some bugs with script sometimes hanging.
    Version 326: Fixed bug with script not using 404 when disarming plated boxes.

    Version 327: Changes to comma nonsense. This didn't actually fix or change anything, was just some code that was bugging me so I decided to change it.

    Version 328: Minor bug fix.

    Version 329: Fixed bug where script wasn't auto repairing bent lockpicks when rolling a 1.
    Version 329: New tab in settings menu "Yet More Other". The settings "Lock Roll" and "Vaalin Lock Roll" from "Other" tab have been moved to this new tab.
    Version 329: New setting under the "Yet More Other" tab: "Keep trying if within abilities." Set this to "yes" to have script ignore above settings and keep trying current lockpick when messaging indicates you can pick the current lock with the current lockpick, script will still use the above settings and move to new lockpick if messaging indicates you can't pick the current lock with the current lockpick.
    Version 329: New setting under "Pool/Worker" tab: "Use 403 based on critter level." For example enter 80 here to always use 403 on boxes which come from critters level 80+.
    Version 329: New setting under "Pool/Worker" tab: "Use 404 based on critter level." For example enter 80 here to always use 404 on boxes which come from critters level 80+.
    Version 329: Script will now look for loose vials of acid in your locksmith's container if it can't find any bundled ones in there.
    Version 329: Script should now catch the messaging of you trying to pour your locksmith's container onto a plated box and if it sees this messaging it will look for a loose vial to use.

    Version 330: Fixed bug with ground picking and loresinging where script would sometimes hang when trying to loresing to box.
    Version 330: Added new option under the "Other" tab: "Remove armor." Enter the name of your armor if you want the script to remove your armor before casting a spell, script will only do this before the first time you cast a spell, script will automatically wear armor again before exiting.
    Version 330: Fixed bug with script seeing message "within your abilities" and setting the current lock to 0/nil which caused script to always use a copper lockpick.

    Version 331: Remove armor option will no longer remove armor while at a table since tables are usually sancted and spell failures won't happen there.
    Version 331: Script should now recognize boxes with "case" as a noun.
    Version 331: Fixed bug with script hanging when rolling a 1 while picking a lock.
    Version 331: Fixed issue when using ;tpick buy to fill up your locksmith's container, apparently some shops sell the locksmith's container closed so script now OPENs them so they can be BUNDLED into your locksmith's container.
    Version 331: New setting added under "Yet More Other" tab: "Lock Buffer." For example if you set this to 50 then the script will add 50 difficulty to readings made by calipers, so if the calipers say the lock is a -1000 lock the script will treat it as if it were a -1050 lock. This could be useful if your calipers keep giving you readings which are too low.
    Version 331: Changed "Minimum tip wanted" setting under "Pool/Worker" tab. Now if for example you entered 1000, 40, 500 in this setting the script would start by asking for 1000+ silver jobs from the worker, when no more 1000+ silver jobs are available it would lower your minimum tip by 40 to 960 and start asking for 960+ silver jobs. It would keep doing this until it reached 500 silvers, at which point it would start over again at 1000+. Enter 0 to work on all boxes.

    Version 332: Fixed bug where script would get stuck in a loop if all of your vaalin lockpicks are broken. Script will now warn you that all of your vaalin lockpicks are broken then exit because you really should have at least 1 working vaalin lockpick when running this script.
    Version 332: Two new options under the "Containers" tab: "Containers to open at start" and "Containers to close before exit." Enter full names of each container you want opened when script starts and closed before script exits. Don't use the leading "a" or "an", and separate each container with a ",". For example: heavy blue backpack, deep red wool cloak, leather sheath
    Version 332: Removed "Gem Container" setting from "Containers" tab.
    Version 332: New feature: Script now tracks how many times you have successfully picked a lock with each type of lockpick since the last time you broke a lockpick of that type. Script also tracks the total number of locks you have picked since the last time you broke any lockpick. Could be useful information to decide how to set your various ;tpick settings.
    Version 332: Fixed bug with scale trap weapon not being put back into its proper container.
    Version 332: Fixed bug with script crashing when using "other" mode. Does anyone use this mode anymore?
    Version 332: Fixed various bugs when picking plinites at the worker/pool.
    Version 332: New option for "Calibrate Count" setting under the "More Other" tab. For example you can now enter "auto 50" and the script will wait until it notices your calipers reading is 50 or more off from the actual lock reading before calibrating your calipers.
    Version 332: New setting "Run silently" under the "Yet more other" tab: Enter "yes" here to not show most of the more spammy feedback, only more important feedback will be shown. IMPORTANT: If you run into any bugs or issues it is best to see all feedback and provide a log of said bug/issue to Dreaven so he can more easily find and fix the problem.
    Version 332: New setting "Other containers" under the "Containers" tab: List all other item names/item types and the containers you want them to go into. Separate the names/types and containers by ":" and separate each of these by a comma.
    Example: gem: sack, diamond: soft brown cloak, silver wand: ebony pack
    Note you can use either the full name of a container or just the noun, but if you are wearing more than one of a particular container (like two sacks) be sure to use full names.
    Names will be matched before types. Example if you have: "gem: pack, diamond: cloak" then all diamonds will be put into your cloak and all other gems will be put into your pack.
    Any Lich item types will work, here are the more common ones: herb, gem, armor, weapon, reagent, jewelry, uncommon, scroll, clothing, collectible, cursed, wand

    This feature should work both when you're picking/looting your own boxes and when you're picking up boxes from the pool, but I haven't tested the latter.

    Of course that last option is 100% optional, if you leave it blank the script will simply STOW everything other than your lockpicks and wedges and etc. Script will also STOW everything not listed.

    Version 333: Script now tracks how long you have been picking pool boxes, how many boxes you have picked, how many scarabs you have found, and how many silver tips you have earned (both for current session and in total) and displays this information (along with silvers earned per hour) when closing the script.
    Version 333: Fixed bug with script trying to POUR a vial onto a plated box, script should now properly DISARM box while holding a vial.
    Version 333: Added new setting: "Rest when fried" under the "Pool/Worker" tab. Example enter "112" to have script move you to room 112 when fried, enter "112:go table" to have script move you to room 112 then GO TABLE. Script will then wait until your mind clears to what you set in the "Pick at Percent" setting under the "Experience" tab, then move you back to the pool picking room and continue picking boxes. Note this doesn't go by when your mind is fried, rather it rests when you receive messaging from the pool worker that he won't assign you more boxes until your mind clears out.

    Version 334: Fixed bug with script crashing if doing a mode other than "worker" mode.

    Version 335: New option for "Unlock(407)" setting under "Spells" tab: For example you can now enter "plate, 50" or "all, 50" to have the script stop trying to use 407 to open a box once your mana reaches 50% or lower of your max mana. You can enter any number in place of "50" in the examples.
    Version 335: Cleaned up post pool-picking stats to remove duplicate information.

    Version 336: Fixed bug which caused script to crash while using the "auto" feature for the "calibrate count" setting.

    Version 337: Script will now DETECT boxes first to check for traps instead of DISARMing them.
    Version 337: Removed setting "Haste (506)" under "Spells" tab.
    Version 337: Added setting "Song of Tonis (1035)" under "Spells" tab.
    Version 337: New setting under "Spells" tab: "Percent mana to keep". For example you can enter "50" in this setting to stop casting spells once your mana falls below 50% of your max mana. Leave setting blank to always cast spells as long as you have enough mana.

    Version 338: Fixed bug with script attempting to pick anything with the noun of "case", whether the case in question was a box or not.

    Version 339: Fixed bug with script stalling when DETECTing a box that is already open.

    Version 340: Fixed bug with script not running properly when using a lockpick with a noun other than "lockpick".
    Version 340: Added setting "Max Lock Roll" under "Other" tab: For example enter 30 and when you roll lower than 30 when picking locks the script will attempt to pick again no matter what messaging you received. Enter 0 or leave blank if you want script to always move to higher lockpicks when receiving a message that you aren't able to pick the current lock, these messages are when your lockpick gets stuck in the lock or you bend the tip. If you break your lockpick you will always move to a higher lockpick.

    Version 341: Fixed bug with script not always putting items away.

    Version 342: Fixed issue with script pausing/hanging when working on a worker/pool box with a tip of 1 silver.

    Version 343: Fixed bug with script not recognizing results of open rolls.

    Version 344: Fixed minor bug.

    Version 345: You must now specify a mode when starting script: ;tpick solo, ;tpick other, ;tpick ground, or ;tpick worker.
    Version 345: New setting: "Default mode" under the "Yet More Other" tab. For example you can enter "solo" and the script will default to "solo" picking mode when you don't specify a mode, so you could just start script as ;tpick and it would default to solo mode, specifying another mode will override this setting.
    Version 345: Renamed "More Lockpicks" tab to "Lockpicks 2". No settings were affected by this name change.
    Version 345: Added a help menu that explains all modes, command line variables, and provides more information about the various settings found in the setup menu. Do ";tpick help" to access the help menu.
    Version 345: Fixed comma bug with script displaying wrong silvers gained before script closed.

    Version 346: Fixed bug: --- Lich: error: undefined local variable or method `picks_information_text' for main:Object

    Version 347: Script no longer does INV FULL to find all of your boxes, lockpicks, or scale trap weapon since Lich tracks the contents of your containers already. This should mostly be an invisible change since ;tpick hid all of the INV FULL lines from your FE, but the lines still showed up in logs, but no more!

    Version 348: Clarified instructions for keyrings under the "Lockpicks" and "Lockpicks 2" tabs.

    Version 349: Minor bug fixes.

    Version 350: Bug fixes with regards to script looking on your lockpick container.

    Version 351: Clarified instructions in setup menu.

    Version 352: Fixed uncommon bug with script not recognizing which scarab on the ground is yours.

    Version 353: Clarified instructions for containers.

    Version 354: Fixed bug with script finding lockpicks stowed in containers that Lich doesn't track inventory for.

    Version 354: The critter level for pool boxes in which the critter level is unknown will now be considered your character's level, before the critter level in such situations was set to 1. Being set to 1 led to various problems in which the script checks for critter levels.

    Version 355: Fixed bug with script sometimes asking the wrong NPC for boxes when doing worker/pool picking.

    Version 356: New feature: Enter "detect" under the "Disarm Enhancement (404)" setting to always use 404 when DETECTing a trap but will STOP 404 if it's not needed to disarm the trap.

    Version 357: Fixed bug.

    Version 358: Fixed another bug.

    Version 359: Script should now work properly in Kraken Falls.

    Version 360: Fixed odd bug with script not finding lockpicks on a keyring.

    Version 361: New option "Use Lmaster Focus" under "Spells" tab. Enter "yes" under this option to use Rogue's LMASTER FOCUS ability instead of using 403 and 404. You can still fill out the settings for 403 and 404 and the script will use those settings when using LMASTER FOCUS. NOTE: If you aren't using a version of Lich or spell-data.xml which can detect when "Focused" is active you will need to add the spell information to your spell-data.xml file. Otherwise the script will use LMASTER FOCUS over and over again.

    Version 362: Clarified some instructions.

    Version 363: New option for both "Lock Pick Enhancement (403)" and "Disarm Enhancement (404)". You can now enter "auto" for either of these options and the script will cast 403/404 when they are needed and stop the spells before picking/disarming if they aren't needed.
    Version 363: You can combine these options by separating each command with a space or comma, for example you can do: auto 100 detect - and all three options will be enabled.

    Version 364: Now that flip trick displays lock difficulty the script has been updated to make use of this information.

    Version 365: Fixed bug with script attempting to pick and disarm a scales trap over and over again.

    Version 366: Script now works with the new Effects feature found in Lich version 5.0.16 and above meaning it no longer requires an edit to your spell-list.xml file to make use of the new LMASTER FOCUS ability, assuming of course you are using Lich version 5.0.16 or above.

    Version 367: Fixed bug with "ground" and "loot" command line variables being used in conjunction with gnomish bracers not dropping boxes when needed.

    Version 368: To avoid confusion as to whether or not your version of Lich or spell-list.xml can make use of the new LMASTER FOCUS ability the script now checks if you are using LMASTER FOCUS and if you are but you don't have the latest version of Lich or haven't updated your spell-list.xml file the script now informs you of this and gives you options as to how to fix the problem.

    Version 369: Fixed bug with script not recognizing current Lich version.

    Version 370: Fixed bug with "Start with Copper" setting and "Start with Vaalin" setting being set to yes when they were not supposed to be.

    Version 371: Added "woodstove" to the list of trash containers. Also script can now find trash containers if they are part of the room's description.

    Version 372: Added messaging for when a Sulphur trap has already been set off when trying to DETECT a trap.
    Version 373: Messages from the script should now properly use MONSTERBOLD in StormFront FE.
    Version 374: Fixed bug with script not using Lock Mastery Focus on traps which are higher than base disarm skill level.
    Version 375: Script can now find your lockpicks in your vambraces.
    Version 376: Fixed issue with script sometimes hanging when trying to pick a box while still in roundtime.
    Version 377: Added message about worker saying to wait 10 mintues for new boxes to the script.
    Version 378: Removed all of the warnings about the script settings not being setup properly and removed the script looking for lockpicks if using the drop or pickup/return commands. This way you can drop off boxes and pick up boxes at the locksmith's pool without having to fiddle with any settings.
    Version 379: Fixed bugs with picking boxes up from the locksmith's pool. Everything regarding dropping off and picking up boxes from locksmith's pool should be working now.
    Version 380: Fixed various issues with dropping off and picking up boxes from the locksmith's pool.
    Version 381: Bug fix.
    Version 382: Script should now auotmatically deposit silvers in bank when picking up boxes and locksmith NPC says you have to lighten your load before accepting boxes back.
    Version 383: More bug fixes. Also trash boxes option should now work for picking up boxes at the locksmith pool.
    Version 384: Fixed bug with lmaster focus not being stopped when it should.
    Version 385: ;tpick stats provides many more stats now.
    Version 386: Bug fixes.
    Version 387: Bug fix in regards to always using a vaalin lockpick as a rogue.
    Version 388: Integration with ;rogues script.
    Version 389: More integration with ;rogues script.
    Version 390: More integration with ;rogues script.
    Version 391: New spell option under "Spells" tab: Disarm (408). Enter "scarab" in this setting to use 408 to disarm scarabs ONLY WHEN THEY ARE ON THE GROUND. This is currently the only use for this setting.
    Version 392: Added a mana check for casting 408.
    Version 393: More integration with ;rogues script.
    Version 394: Bug fix with script having trouble finding lockpicks on keyrings.
    Version 395: Provided some help information if script has trouble finding one of your containers.
    Version 396: Fixed bug with script hanging when getting this message when measuring with calipers: "The trunk's lock is too far beyond your ability to measure. You cannot even estimate its difficulty beyond being out of your league." I have never seen this message before but apparently it means you are trying to measure a box that is far beyong your ability to pick. The script should skip these boxes now.
    Version 397: The pop feature (which uses 407 and 408 to open boxes) can now be used when doing locksmith pool boxes. Script has to be started with both "worker" and "pop" command line variables, for example ;tpick worker pop
    Version 397: New setting under the "Popping" tab: "Pick enruned" Set this to "yes" to manually pick all enruned and mithril boxes while using the "pop" feature. This of course means you need lockpick training and you need lockpicks.
    Version 397: New setting under the "Yet More Other" tab: "Don't show commands" Set this to "yes" to not show commands the script sends to the game.
    Version 397: Split the "Spells" tab into two tabs: "Spells" and "More Spells." This won't affect your current settings.
    Version 397: Both Celerity (506) and Rapid Fire (515) have been added as options under the "More Spells" tab.
    Version 398: Updated some feedback messages. Also there was a bug with using some features of Lock Mastery Focus if you didn't know 403 or 404. These bugs should be fixed now. Also the formula for picklock and disarm bonus from using Lock Mastery Focus was wrong, this should be corrected now too.
    Version 399: Bug fix.
    Version 400: Script should now recognize "tool kits" as locksmith containers when using ;tpick buy command.
    Version 401: More bug fixes with the auto feature for 403 and 404.
    Version 402: Bug fix.
    Version 403: Fixed bug with script grabbing lockpicks from any container instead of the specified lockpick container.
    Version 404: Script can now find your locksmith's container if it's in another container.
    Version 405: New option: The "Unlock (407)" setting under the "More Spells" tab can now be set to "vial" to use 407 on non-enruned/mithril plated boxes and use a vial on enruned/mithril plated boxes. Save those vials for the tough plated boxes!
    Version 406: Fixed bug with script not finding your scales trap weapon.
    Version 407: Fixed bug with script crashing.
    Version 408: Script should now try and wedge boxes open when the lock difficulty can't be determined via calipers.
    Version 409: Fixed bug with script not finding lockpicks on keyrings if the lock had the word "AND" in it.
    Version 410: If setting "Unlock (407)" is set to "all" and your profession is not a Rogue, the script should now properly use 407 instead of trying to use lockpicks.
    Version 411: Fixed bug with script hanging sometimes when doing DETECT.
    Version 412: Bug fix.
    Version 413: You can now enter the name of your selling script in the setting "Auto deposit silvers", and whenever you are encumbered while pool picking the script will run your selling script before picking more boxes. You can still enter "yes" if you don't want to run a selling script. Script will deposit silvers in both cases.
    Version 414: The change in version 413 can now take command line variables for your selling script. For example enter: sloot sell
    Version 415: Bug fix.
    Version 416: Fixed bug with "Other containers" setting.
    Version 417: Fixed bug with script trying to use 407 on a box with a glyph trap that has been manually disarmed. Script will now skip opening such boxes instead of using 407 forever.
    Version 418: Script should now wedge open fused boxes at the locksmith pool.
    Version 419: Bug fix.
    Version 420: Bug fix.
    Version 421: Bug fix.
    Version 422: You can now reset ALL stats by doing ;tpick reset
    Version 423: Fixed bug with script stalling if it can't find your locksmith's container for bundling a vial into it.
    Version 424: Fixed bug with the FLIP lmas trick not working correctly.
    Version 425: Script should now check for spell hindrance failures and keep trying until the spell is successfully cast.
    Version 426: Bug fix.
    Version 427: Bug fix?
    Version 428: Another bug fix.
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    Reserved because why not?

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    Reserved because you never know, do you?

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    Last reservation, I promise!

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    Oh yeah, I did some testing with the new "Picks to use based on level" feature and it seemed to be working great, but let me know if you run into any issues with it, or if it's working great for you too.

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    Wooo! Will definitely give this a shot tonight. Thanks!
    Left handed, right handed, it doesn't matter. I'm amphibious.

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    Just did a quick run with it and it seems to be working good but i probably have a setting wrong with the 403 and trying to get it to cast 403 when i need it. Will try more this evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adequate Picker View Post
    Just did a quick run with it and it seems to be working good but i probably have a setting wrong with the 403 and trying to get it to cast 403 when i need it. Will try more this evening.
    It should use 403 when needed unless you have the 403 setting set to “never”.

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    It does not use 403, evidently based on whatever settings i have. It will try the lock until it gets a decently high roll and then decides it cant do it with that pick. So once it started over and pulled out a silver pick, which promptly broke. Next time it gave up and tried 407 though looking back on it, that was a plate lock. It will cast 404, for some reason. I have it and 403 set to no. In Other, my max lock is set to 10000 to attempt all locks, trap roll is set to 1000 to disarm all traps. So, it looks like its all working ok, except for casting 403 when i roll decently hard with a vaalin pick. If i roll a 55-60 and no read, then i always cast 403. Not doing that with the script.
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    I'd like the option to trash jaws and needles. And to also leave scarabs on the ground.

    I was going to rewrite it but it's yours so maybe you can consider.

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