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Thread: Selling In

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    They originally were items given out when the game moved from AOL to the web. They shoot some webs. Some other things I guess. I think they gave a second batch out a few years ago. It's kind of neat, but that's about it.
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    Do not RAISE or DRINK the glaes spider charms, those verbs will destroy them if I remember correctly.

    Also, do not STARE at happyfunball.

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    I don't know if that's true for the glaes spider charms. The jug pins I do think crumble into dust once Rolfard mentioned that. I think I saw that once. I think the glaes spider charms just don't do anything at all if you have someone else's spider. But I certainly never tried to drink one. Either way, I won't sell any of my spider charms. The jug will come again, maybe. The spider charms, even though they released something like them again, are tied to a specific point in time.

    I'm going to close off requests for any specific items at 9 pm eastern that haven't been asked about. Daylight time or whatever congress makes up for changing our clocks.

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    Sorry everyone who had interest. I got caught up with real life stuff. Give me a couple of days, and I will push this live. Behind schedule, but I do think there will be some nice stuff for all tiers of players.

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    I know this won't resonate with everyone. I was traveling and looking at houses. Trying to get out of a big city, have a yard. It's not set in stone, but I just got home and put down a small deposit. Hopefully I'll have a yard in the fall. It doesn't make having that item you want better, but I am excited. Please forgive me for stepping away to try and make that happen. Hopefully it does happen.

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    Also, I still have a lot of items. Will go live soon with better descriptions.

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    I'll delete this out in a day or two, but I figure it's good as a space saver. It's been great being back. Someone, which is true in what they lamented about, said I was posting in too many places. All good. So many people have been encouraging, which is awesome. It was a bit different 10 years ago or so, but time changes us to a degree. Changes what we lean into. I have never seen this community stronger, which is kind of surprising. Or maybe I'll delete this plan to delete it out. It's been awesome to hear from people.

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    a bowl of ham and pea soup
    Would you ever consider a buyout on this item?
    The divine is hidden from the people according to the wisdom of the Lord.

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    Oh for sure. Come sit and listen to me babble for 30 minutes, and it is yours. I pray for your sanity.

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    On the other end though, I'm glad to let some old stuff go. I hope it would go to a good, long reaching home, but at the end of the day? That's not my problem if it doesn't. I can only control what I do.

    In addition, I am happy to let someone buyout soup. No one will, but yea, throw coins at me and I will make soup rain for you. Don't really do that, we can work something else out. My bigger goal is to move a lot of old to somewhat old stuff, and free up my mules. And my mains containers. If it appeals to you, jump in. If it doesn't, it's all good.

    -The soup King.
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